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Nanette and Joanna talk to Kenley. Her dress doesn't match what she showed before. Earlier it was more fitted, which Nanette says is easier to sell. Joanna points out that good fit is one of the elements of feeling gorgeous and feeling that way can of course make or break a sale. Kenley says that she wants the dress to be loose and it's beautiful the way it is. Shows me for sticking up for her. Just make the fucking dress tighter you dumb bitch. She insists that the finished product will be flattering and Nanette's just like, yeah, we'll see how that goes for you. She interviews that the dress will be about the print, because that's the way she designs. Kenley, Kenley, Kenley. I tried.

Michael's dress is pretty close to the sketch that he showed. It plunges deep in the front and back and Nanette says that they would have to have a hook and eye closure in the front, to give women an option of not J Lo-ing it. Then, Joanna brings up her main talking point of the season, women like to wear their bras. Michael says that you could have another closure on the back and I have to say that this is one of the best examples of his habit of designing in the reductive. He gets better when people push him in a corner. I'm pretty sure he thought of that just then and that was a nifty little piece of problem-solving. Austin says that it's hard to wear Michael's clothes unless you're a model.

Austin presents his swing coat. Meanwhile, Michael says that he doesn't get what the judges like about his work. Nanette says that customers respond to brightly colored coats and, provided it turns out beautifully, Austin's coat could be an entrance-making piece. Austin says that he appreciates Nanette's direct approach to critique. Joanna says that she feels like this design falls on the is-it-hideous, or is-it-fabulous? line. Austin giggles good-naturedly and says that it seems they are always dancing on that line. Austin thinks that the luxury that he has achieved in his look gives him an edge.

Mondo's dress isn't on a form yet. It's a sequence of horizontal swaths of mismatched fabrics. He jokingly relays to Nanette that she referred to his poor sketch as a tin can with a string through it. Joanna asks where his customer would wear this dress and he says a cocktail party or a date. Nanette thinks it's "playwear" and she seems to mean that in a positive way. The ladies wish them luck and exit.

Everyone continues to work. Michael feels comfortable with his design. Mondo thinks it's a retread of his earlier work. He likens his own design to a bulldog that's so ugly it's cute. Austin is having some anxiety over the prospect of getting eliminated after making it this far. The next day, Austin notices that his coat looks a little more rumpled than he anticipated. Mondo says that he has never felt so wishy-washy about a design. Michael's dress looks like it is going to fall off of his girl.

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