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Mondo says that Austin's coat is "very Austin Scarlett." Now, he says Austin's name with a bit of a lisp. I don't like this. Austin is certainly a unique guy and someone who doesn't play the gender game like everyone else, but I certainly don't think that he's deserving of slurs against his masculinity, however he conceives of it. He's been, from what I can see, nothing but serious and respectful regarding his relationships with other designers. His own style and demeanor don't seem to me an invitation for ridicule or being demeaned. But, if some dude were the one acting this way, I'd at least have some understanding of the situation (i.e. fear of the feminine that happens from a lot of men). But, Mondo? I'm dumbfounded. Where does this guy get off acting like this? Maybe there's stuff that we didn't see and Austin is so comfortable being himself that he doesn't mind that sort of thing and is OK with laughing at himself, but I wouldn't be taking those liberties in an interview where he wasn't in the room. Seriously, fuck that. Gay dudes acting that way towards other gay dudes is so unacceptable in my book. I'm off the Mondo now. He's incredibly talented, but he's not going to be getting any good vibes from me, not that he needs them. If Austin Freaking Scarlett can't be as gay as he wants to be in a Project Runway workroom without being ridiculed for said gayness, I think it's time for all of us homos to just pack up and move to Toyland. Yes, the North Pole. Where we'll be APPRECIATED.

They go into hair and makeup. Mondo's going for a faux bob. Kenley wants mod. Michael wants what the male hairdresser has "the male Snooki." Heh. Mondo feels like he might get eliminated for his boxy dress, but he thinks it's young and modern. Austin thinks that Michael's revealing look is inappropriate and a little cheap-looking. He's predicting himself, Kenley and Mondo for the final three. Kenley thinks that she stands a good chance of passing through this challenge, but Mondo points out that she doesn't match up the pattern when she works with a print. That does seem like a huge flaw, doesn't it?

They make their way to the runway, where Angela greets them. She reminds them that the proceeds from the sale of the winning design will go to Save The Garment District. Then, she introduces Georgina, Isaac and Nanette. The show begins with Austin's coat. It's a lovely fuchsia rain coat with pleats at the collar. It's a-line when not belted and has a lot of movement. It's seriously adorable and I can think of tons of girls who would want to wear that, especially if they were going somewhere nice and it was raining and they wanted to complement whatever cute dress they were already wearing.

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