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It's time to decide and they're having a really hard time. Angela says that Michael dresses a sophisticated woman, while Kenley dresses a younger, happier woman. Happier? I love that. She really doesn't want Michael to win. Nanette says that Kenley is the Contemporary Department while Michael is in the Designer Department. Everyone agrees. They've made their decision and Isaac and Georgina agree that this was the hardest decision that they have had to make.

The designers return to the stage. Austin is safe. He is excited and nervous for the final challenge. Mondo is the winner of the challenge! He says that he thought he was going home. He is also going to the finals. He interviews that he is shocked to be there. He goes backstage and Austin congratulates him and gives him a hug. Ugh. I have so many problems with all of that stuff.

So, it's down to Kenley and Michael. Angela tells Michael that they loved the cut of his dress, but they're not sure who he really is as a designer. She tells Kenley that they love her style, but this dress was frumpy. She needs to learn to listen to advice and her stubbornness can get in the way of her becoming a great designer. Michael Yeah, yeah. He gives Kenley a hug and promises the judges that he will get his point-of-view across, then leaves the stage. Mondo is happy to hear that he is in. Angela thanks Kenley for being a part of the show and tells her that she has a big future in front of her.

Kenley goes backstage and gets a hug from Austin. My closed captioning says that Kenley lets out a "forced laugh." Getting editorial over there at Time Warner. Mondo says, "You are beautiful." She's big about it. She says that she's bummed because she wanted to win, but life goes on. That's what they say on the tug boat. She says that the show inspired her to really push herself and see where it goes. Sail away, Kenley!

Jeff Long is a writer/performer living in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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