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Cold Glampin' With Flavor

The hair session features a "braid crown." The makeup features a "moss glow." Everyone's sewing frantically. Karen finally just throws a hem on her dress and calls it done. Justin's got more of his glue-lace that he wanted to do, but maybe he should do even more? It's a tough call. Everyone has their final rounds of telling their models they look great and telling the camera that everyone else's models look awful. Bradon's garment is suddenly full of static cling, which is weird.

Runway time! Heidi says the same thing as usual, except that now she has to say "glamping" a lot. The judges are Zac, Nina, and Allison Williams from Girls. Heidi has kind of a Flapper dress on.

Helen's dress is kind of the color of dead moth, I guess. It's got a lot of interlocking pleats, unless they're ruffles. She's very confident.

Bradon somehow spent $325 on his gown, and he admits that it was made in a couple of hours. It's just a bunch of yellow, green, and blue chiffon. It flows nicely when the model is walking, but that's entirely due to the magical qualities of chiffon. When she's standing still, there is no form here.

Miranda's dress looks fine. It's a nice dark dress with various colors of feathers attached to the bottom. Good job.

Ken's dress is dark green with some folds of red and white across the chest. The back is -- hang on.

Okay, forget, Ken. Let's talk about Alexandria's dress, because it is crazy nuts. The pants are knee-length, and the crotch drops to a couple inches above that. They look like poorly fitting jodhpurs. Then there's a fairly dull denim jacket. And an inch of exposed midriff. Also, the jacket has a tail on it. I think this is ludicrous, but it might be so ludicrous that it turns into fashion in the judges' eyes.

Alexander's dress is an elegant black dress with a leather train. I guess it's okay.

Justin's dress is a hot mess. The parts that are fabric seem like arbitrary sections sewn together, and there's so much of this hot glue lace that it looks like, well, hot glue. And it doesn't fit. He voiceovers that he took a risk.

Dom's dress looks good. She thinks it looks like water, but it doesn't, really. But it looks elegant.

Karen's dress has no construction that I can see. It looks like her model has taken a skirt that is too long for her and pulled it up over her breasts.

Kate's dress! Okay, picture a white tutu. That's the bottom half. The top half is a morass of black patent leather strips that form a vest-like harness around the shoulders. The whole thing stretches down to about mid-thigh, so the model's legs are hilariously sticking out the bottom for what looks like a mile. The model looks pregnant.

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