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I Thought Tablecloths Were For Magicians

Next, Emily Brandle, 27 and a "freelance zzzzz," enters making the interchangeables a group of four. Daniel Feld, 25 and also a freelancer (seriously, am I the only one who thinks this is absolutely pointless?) joins the guys. Following him is Wesley Nault, a 23-year old freelancer and my nominee for resident cutie. He says that he worked for a year at Marc Jacobs and that it was a great opportunity. His work looks very young and hip -- lots of layering. He interviews that his clothes are divine

Joe tells Wesley that he has two daughters. He interviews that his main motivation for doing the show is to teach his two daughters that they can do whatever they want, even if they live in Detroit. Kidding. That's very sweet.

The designers get notes in their respective apartments telling them to meet Tim and Heidi on the roof. Terri says that she's not sure what to expect on the roof -- could it be their first challenge? Like the fanciest lunch ladies ever, Tim and Heidi are standing before a folding table with a white tablecloth and a couple of bottles of champagne and glasses. Rayon blows a two-handed kiss to Tim and Heidi. This can't continue. Heidi greets them and introduces Tim as the "Chief Creative Officer of Liz Claiborne." He says that this year is the most diverse group of designers the show has had. That's faint praise. He tells them to knock their socks off. Heidi asks them if they're ready for their first challenge. Everyone screams yes, with Rayon screaming the loudest. She tells them that they'll have to wait until the next day. Now, they will have champagne.

Tim pops some bubbly and the cork flies over the top of the roof and onto some unsuspecting person. All of the designers mingle and introduce themselves. Tim asks Emily how the experience feels to her and she says "exactly right." I'm assuming that's because we're all entitled to be celebrities these days. She says that she is a designer for "Smoke and Mirrors." The stuff is cute. Not terribly special. Cute.

Heidi asks Terri to describe herself and she says she's Aerosmith, Lauryn Hill, and Michael Jackson all rolled into one. Her stuff is TACKY. Pantsuits made of questionable fabrics and the like. She says that she is different from the other designers because she is fast. She can make a three-piece suit in 8 hours. Wow, I really don't like her work. I guess Tim was right about the whole "diverse" thing. We're running the gamut here.

Keith Bryce tells Heidi that he designs for her all of the time. It's kind of creepy. Like he has Heidi dolls that he dresses up lying around his house. He says he judges something by whether or not he imagines Heidi wearing it. Then, he laughs. Creepy? He interviews that he is completely self-taught and was born with the talent that others have to develop in school. Sounds like someone who is a little defensive about his training right there. I can't really put a finger on his style. It looks like he enjoys a streamlined silhouette, but that's the most I can pick out right now.

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