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I Thought Tablecloths Were For Magicians

Kenley Collins, who is 25 and a freelancer, is chatting with Blayne about his tanning habit. I'm not sure that Blayne really gets how we feel about the excessive tanning. She says that her style is loud -- she mixes a lot of prints and plaids. I love her work. Let's be real, there are already tons of Kenleys and she's probably more of a stylist than a designer, but her stuff looks very nice.

Daniel Feld, also in the running for resident cutie, is 25 and seriously a freelancer. Really? In his bio video, he says that, had he not been a designer, he would have been a zoologist. He says that his designs often incorporate nature. It's glamorous stuff and he says that they are always showstoppers.

The next morning at 4 AM, Tim Gunn wakes the designers. Everybody is a wreck. He tells them to meet him in the lobby, where they will learn about their first challenge. Jennifer answers the door of her apartment in a towel and regrets it in her interview. Everyone scrambles to get ready, except for Stella who just puts some deodorant on under her t-shirt. Girl after my own heart.

Tim takes them for a walk down the streets of New York and no one knows where they are going. Finally, he lines them up on a street corner and points across the street and says that they are at the site of their first challenge. They're at a Gristedes. A grocery store. We've come a long way. Rayon says that he never thought about how he would approach the grocery store challenge. And now that he has to do it? Yikes! I hate him. Seriously, if someone doesn't find him annoying tell me who you are and why not.

Tim tells us that there's a special guest. It's Austin Scarlett, and he's across the street so we have to wait while he approaches. Now, I loved me some Scarlett back in the day, but... I don't know. I'm not feeling it like I used to. What is he doing? Why is he wearing so much foundation? That may not be totally fair, but it's definitely something I feel. Austin is going to be the guest judge this week. He tells the designers that innovation was the key to his success in the challenge, and so it shall be for the other designers. They will all have $75 each and 30 minutes to shop.

Everybody runs into the store. Jerry goes for a shower curtain. Terri goes for mop heads -- she says she's not using any live produce. Korto is not afraid of the produce though. She interviews that she's a mother, so she knows her way around a grocery store. Stella says she's going to make a pair of pants with garbage bags. Kelli says she avoided tablecloths or anything that resembled fabric, because it was too easy.

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