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I Thought Tablecloths Were For Magicians

At the runway, Heidi greets the designers. She introduces Michael Kors and Nina Garcia (the editor-at-large at Elle) and Austin Scarlett. Austin is the creative director of Austin Pool! He does something besides appear on shows! That makes me so much more eager to watch him now.

It's time to get this runway started. First up is Emily's outfit. This is not a great start to the season. It's a shapeless mini dress (made, no doubt, from a tablecloth) with a blue crepe paper yolk for the model's neck. I don't know whether she's going out to a party or to pasture.

Next, we have Jerell's design. Hmm, here's the thing. I kind of want to hate Jerell, just like I actually hate Rayon and want to hate half of this group of designers because they are all so completely, painfully self-aware. However, this dress is pretty cool. It's a one-sleeved patterned blouse over a white skirt. There are textural changes in the sleeve and on the skirt. It's really pretty interesting. I still find him joyless.

Leanne's candy dress is next. It's a short pink dress and the candy is actually pretty cool. Leanne says that she's happy with the choice of using candy, she just regrets having used a tablecloth in the first place.

Here's Korto's dress. It's a full-length kimono dress made from a yellow tablecloth. In that regard, it's pretty lame because she only had to work with the tablecloth. Her neckpiece of kale and cherry tomatoes pops so beautifully against the yellow of the dress that I have to say I'm in love with it. She likes it too.

Jennifer's dress is next and she says that she's completely happy with it. It's a short, strapless cocktail gown made of paper towels. The fit's a little meh, but there's only so much you can do with paper towels. To add some color, she pinned lipstick prints around the dress. Cute idea!

Daniel Feld's dress is next and it reminds me of what Madonna wore to the Oscars when she went with Michael Jackson. I'm sorry to say that I mean that in a completely good way. It's the dress made completely out of blue cups. It looks like the model is sort of coated in lacquer paint. Daniel says that he sees Nina Garcia cracking up and he wonders if that is a good or bad thing.

Terri's outfit is next. She has made a really interesting braided blouse with the mop heads. It tops a rather rote red skirt. That blouse is something though. It suggests rigor without being too fussy.

Here's Rayon's dress. It's a fairly simple strapless dress made from a gingham picnic tablecloth--except he has added little blue squares all over the dress. It's a very interesting effect, like the dress is actually blue but was shredded and there's white underneath.

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