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Christopher's vampire bride is next and -- spoiler alert -- this is a dress the judges flip out for, and I cannot figure out why. Well, let me take that back. Again, something maybe is not coming through on camera that they can see in person -- especially the colors. In a ballsy move that I admire, he set aside Tim Gunn's advice and retained the halter top design. It's got a cool high neck and the back ties in a tiered effect. The skirt of the dress is two colors, what looks like a pale mauve with a gray bustle, all tied together with a black corset piece. There's just too much going on, to me, and the corset is only fitted around the waistline, or it has ruffles along the top and bottom, which leaves it to kind of look billowy on both the top and bottom and that plus the huge skirt plus the floaty top... it doesn't look as good on camera as what he usually sends down. It just looks kind of jumbled, is what I really want to say. Maybe that's part of it. When you sleep in a coffin, maybe you just roll with that look every day.

The beautiful Celine, Nicolas's ice queen from space, floats evilly down the runway next. The dress appears to have come out beautifully and actually looks less like a costume than like a really interestingly-styled dress. His appliqué technique on the shoulders came together perfectly, it appears, and overall, the dress looks great. He is very happy with it, he says, and feels like he really pushed the envelope. Celine sells it perfectly, as well.

Althea's film noir ensemble, an asymmetrical, tight black skirt with an open white blouse over a sequined bustier, looks good. It mostly looks really well made, so that keeps it from being boring. It's just something we've seen a lot, is the thing. Almost like she made a replica of a really good film noir costume. The back of the skirt with it's asymmetrical hem that almost looks like a train is really cool and moves very sexily.

Oh, good Lord. Ra'Mon's dress is next. Hot Mess would not even begin to describe it. It looks indeed like an alien-human hybrid returned to Earth but, not to dominate the world, to attend a business convention in Atlantic City for Lizards Limited Liability Corporation. The skirt of this thing hits below the knee, managing to make the model, who weighs nine pounds, look short and dumpy. He's done an artistic high neckline on the top, but that's all it has going for it. On one arm, she's wearing some kind of glove, and Vanessa gamely rips something off of it on the end of the runway... but what? Who knows? It appears she just tore a piece of her glove off. That can't have been what was supposed to happen. Topping it all off or, rather, the reverse, Ra'Mon picked the worst possible shoes for this monstrosity -- chunky gold mid-heel sandals. Man, oh, man. She looks awful. I'm glad to say that Ra'Mon, however, is feeling no pain. He interviews that he is experiencing a feeling of joy. The placement of a few things, he says, was not quite how he wanted, but he's hoping the judges see that he was trying to take a risk. I love how he is confident even in the face of tragedy.

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