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Louise's dress is next and... mess. First of all, it looks like her model, the amazing Fatma, slept in it. Louise knows it's bad, though. She says she thinks it's pretty, but sees that it is not as showstopping as some of the others.

Eclipsing all of them is Epperson's Western dress. It's fantastic. Sleeveless dark denim accented with these denim ruffles, all wrapped around a flowing white full dress and fastened with a leather belt. He even included a leather gun holster on the outside. It's a costume, yes, but I think it's totally fantastic. He loves his model, Matar, and she's perfect for this, stomping down the runway like she's going to drive some injuns off her property. Epperson is so proud, and it is well-deserved.

Also proud is Gordana. Her model looks great. The sheath dress she made is beautiful, and styled perfectly to look like a flapper straight out of Gatsby. The thing is, it's boring. I mean, not boring, but by no means is it "interesting" within the context of this show. It's simply good, and that's not what they want.

Judging begins. Logan, CH, Shirin, Irina and Althea are all named safe. Shirin surely just scraped by on that one. I really like her designs, but that dress was lame. Also, the action adventure designs were too stereotypical, but at least they were well-constructed. Same for the film noir ladies.

The highest and lowest scores remain on the runway, and the judges start with Gordana. First of all, is there not a make-up crew around? Gordana could almost always use some Cornsilk, and it frustrates me that she's getting this sad-sack edit like she is out of her league or something. She isn't. I am afraid she thinks she's in the top three, but of course the judges jump her. Varvatos says he can see that she's put a lot of work and detail into it, but doesn't know if this could be called a signature piece of Gordana's. Um? So was she supposed to make a costume or what? Arianne also questions the "specialness" and says she's not sure it's as memorable as it could have been. Zoe Glassner kindly, but frankly, condescendingly, says that there is no doubt that Gordana is a skilled dressmaker. However, she doesn't see how Gordana's dress differs from say, her great grandmother's dress. "I don't feel like you brought anything new to the table," she says, and I see where she's coming from, but damn. Was she supposed to design a costume, or not? Zoe says she sees Gordana's hands in the work, but not her eyes. She's obvs proud of that little turn of phrase.

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