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Fare'Well Ra'Mon

They move, gladly, on to Epperson who describes his character as a wife who is left behind at the homestead when her husband goes off to fight. She's a natural beauty, he says, who is tattered at the same time. This outfit, to my great pleasure, goes over huge with the judges. Arianne says it is fabulous and that she appreciates the way he thought about the whole thing. "This certainly has bravado," she says, and notes that the dress even has real contemporary value. Zoe loves it also from the fabric to the styling. Varvatos says that both Epperson and the model just nailed it. "Matar," he says, "you can manage my farm anytime." Yay! I love Matar and Epperson. Heidi brings up the rear, saying that what's nice about it is that he stayed within the genre while creating something new, which is what is important for a designer.

Time for discussion. Arianne says Gordana's dress was thoughtful, but just not special enough. Heidi confirms my earlier theory and says that, you know, when thinking about Period Piece, "you could have made some amazing other choices instead of 'flapper.'" John Varvatos says that the people who stood out today were the people who were dreamers when they looked at who their character was going to be, and Gordana just did not stand out. They were all disappointed with Louise's dress and they feel like it missed the challenge. Of course, Ra'Mon's dress was a shambles, and they all know it. Heidi says it looked stapled and glued together. They were impressed with his idea, and sympathetic at how wrong it went, but... Heidi throws in that he had more of a vision than Louise, but still -- it was awful.

Moving on to the designs they like, they begin with Nicolas. He loves to work with white and lace, Heidi tells them, and where it hasn't worked for him in the past, today it did. Arianne says that the fabric, to the naked eye, looks cheap, but that she believes it will photograph beautifully. "The detail on that garment," Varvatos says, "was spectacular." Heidi says that if you were watching a movie with that character, you would probably go home and remember her beautiful dress.

They also love Epperson's dress and are impressed with how he rose to the occasion even though he did not initially want Western. They are obviously impressed with his work, but this is all we get to hear about it, which is disappointing.

More time is taken with Christopher's vampire bride, which they declare "perfection." Strong words -- this is why I am a mere recapper and not a taste-making designer. I think what he did was interesting, but looks messy. They are all over-the-top thrilled with it, though, especially that he made it for $150. Varvatos: "I was really blown away." Heidi: "Christopher made something really spectacular." I really like Christopher, so whatever. He's good, and I am glad they see it, even if I don't see it in this one garment.

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