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Fare'Well Ra'Mon

Back on the runway, the top and bottom trios hear face the results. To my great relief, Gordana is declared safe, as is Epperson. I wish he had won the challenge, but I am equally glad to hear that Nicolas won. He thanks them and tears up. "Your ice queen blew us away," Heidi tells him, and all the judges grin hugely as she goes on to say that they were impressed with how his outfit matched his story. "It is absolutely amazing," he says in an interview. "The judges loved it. Somebody even called me an artist, if I say so myself!" Heee. Sorry, y'all. I just love him! What can I DO?

Left on the runway now are Christopher, who is quickly sent backstage with a "good job" and the tragic Ra'Mon and Louise. Heidi delivers some awesome lines about how Ra'Mon's character may have been out of this world, but what planet was she from? His home-sewn mess has gotten him into hot water. She tells Louise that a lot of times the judges say "too costumey" as a criticism, but that this time Louise could have used more drama. Ultimately, Ra'Mon's unacceptable execution gets him the axe, and Louise is declared safe to terrorize her fingers again. Ra'Mon is shocked to be declared out, but handles it with his usual class. Louise hugs him and cries, and he tells the judges that he was honored to participate. It appears that everyone backstage sheds tears for Ra'Mon, almost even Tim Gunn, who says he is a fabulous designer and a fabulous person. Ra'Mon says that he came there to be a strong designer and competitor, and thus, he can leave with a genuine smile on his face. I hope he continues designing, because he's very smart and appears very talented. Next week: another dreaded team challenge.

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