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Carol Hannah is very excited about designing a costume for her "sexy assassin" and wonders, since they share a table and a genre, if Logan would like to see her drawings. That's generous of her, of course, and Logan says yes, that he thinks comparing notes will benefit them both. Also, he says, "Carol Hannah is the only female that I've really connected with," he says in an interview. "She's been a lot of fun getting to know; she's nice to have around." First of all, I hate it when people say "male" and "female" when they should say man or woman, or hell, even guy or girl. Please say girl instead of female, if what you're worried about is being anti-feminist. It is okay -- I'd rather hear "girl" than have you sound like you're describing the genus and the phylum of a cat species or something. Oh, how the hater sites will love that I wrote that... "Does she not just understand the difference between kingdom and species? Or is she just stupid?" Really, I'm just making a joke, so maybe just calm down. I'm just saying. And for the record, the answer to both questions is just no. What was I talking about? Right, Logan. He of the sleepy hotness; he of the unnecessary hats. Carol Hannah luuuuuvs him, y'all. She is looking at him so moonily with her overly-mascaraed eyes, she is about to fall over. "I don't know who decided that Logan and I should have tables next to each other," she laughs in an interview. "Because it is really distracting. He's really ha-awt!" I wish she'd wash her face, but I love her.

Ra'Mon expounds again on his love for science fiction. He is a die-hard Trekkie, he says, and is excited to have the chance to work on the challenge. Sharing this excitement is Nicolas. "I'm a daydreamer," he says in an interview, and adds that what separates him from other designers is that he can bring in elements from the costume industry, in which he has experience, and mix them into his Ready to Wear. Except... is this supposed to be R-t-W that they are making today? Maybe he is just speaking generally.

(Oh my God, Lifetime! Get a better video player! Someone might want to pause something, sometime, and then restart it! I know it sounds crazy, but think about it!) The Film Noir girls seem to all be on the same page. Of course Louise understands the 1930s-'40s concepts, being the retro-hipster that she is. Althea likes the idea of designing for the femme-fatale, film noir woman. She feels it will be "very... sort-of like, classic, and edgy." Irina, though, rounding out the film noir trio, is the one who needs to be knocked over the head in a dark alley (as often happens in a noir film). "From the last challenge, and coming into this one," she yells, nasally, "it reminded me of how good I am at doing these WOW pieces. Do I really need immunity? I have a hunch that I could live without it right now." Siiiigh. To borrow from another film noir character... is it that she's not bad, she's just edited that way? Because I really admire her work, but man, she's rubbing me the wrong way.

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