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Meanwhile, Louise is hitting the panic button a little bit, because she's not able to find her bobbins. "Sabotaaaage," Irina says lackadaisically as she pieces her own outfit together, probably sitting on the bobbins. At the sewing machines, Nicolas announces that, yet again, he'll be doing a white outfit. We can only hope it is less Space Hooker than the last one. He tells Althea and Shirin his character's story: She is to be one of three space queens that reside on Orion's Belt. One of the queens decides she wants to be the ruler of the whole universe. "Is that your girl?" Althea asks, and Nicolas laughs yes, of course. In the dyeing area, Ra'Mon is dyeing some kind of rubbery fabric green, and whispering to himself that it is frickin' amazing. We never see this fabric again, so who knows whether or not he is right. His concept, he says, is to design for a human-alien hybrid who has come to Earth. "Green, reptilian," he says. "I think I'm on a good path with this."

Not on a good path is Louise, who is flipping out again about bobbins. "What the hell?" she asks. "Somebody took my damn bobbins!" Everyone laughs, evilly, and someone off camera says that's been happening all day. Louise is really pissed. Carol Hannah, in an interview, says that the vibe in the workroom has become a little more competitive. "That's another factor in this whole competition," she says. "There's talent, there's a little bit of luck, and then there's: 'Can you take the pressure?'" Apparently Louise is falling into the latter category this week. Not only can she not take the pressure, she has not come up with a story for her character. This surprises me -- she seems fully capable of being theatrical. Of course, maybe she is just withholding her info, not wanting to share with her adversaries. Speaking of theatrical, when she says she's not really sure of her character, Christopher cringes behind her back like he's mugging for the back row. Nicolas interviews that he's worried about Louise. At this point in the competition, he says, everyone really needs to be clear on their points of view.

Nicolas shouldn't be wasting any worry on Louise, however, because his ice queen dress is nowhere near as far along as it should be. Logan compliments his progress, but Nicolas sets him straight with a nervous laugh. "You know I still have to stitch all that on, right?" he asks, pointing his dress form. Gordana's approach is to do her best work and remain confident in it. Epperson gives her a few words of support, saying that as long as she's happy with the design and knows she's doing her best, she should feel good. "You never know with the judges," she says in an interview, and that has certainly been borne out in her case a few times. Tim has arrived to check in and starts with her. When she says that her character is in her thirties, he turns the form around and is about to say something about the back. She asks if he thinks the back should be higher. "Higher?" he asks, surprised. "I'm thinking lower." Poor Gordana -- she cannot figure this place out. Irina wins my eternal dislike moments later in an interview when she says she can't imagine Gordana showing her designs in Bryant Park. "I think the rest of us are on a different sort of level," she says, "and I don't think she can compete with that." Well, obviously she CAN compete, since she's here along with your loud ass.

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