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Fare'Well Ra'Mon

Most stressed of all, however, is Ra'Mon. He realizes now what a disaster he has on his hands. Carol Hannah gives him some encouragement as they all prepare to leave. "If I am going home off of this challenge," he says, "I want to give it a fight. But, I only can do what I have time to do." Admirable. Poor Ra'Mon. This is a ridiculous pressure cooker and it has got to be so hard. I think he got so excited about the subject matter, he didn't fully think out the whole idea, and it was just a wreck. Normally I would think that the designer should just stick with what they have and make it work, but man... that front panel on the jumpsuit. It would have been embarrassing for everyone involved had he stuck with it.

Runway day arrives, and no one is feeling great about what they have left to do in the short time allowed. "I would give you my newborn for a hot-glue gun right now!" Nicolas says, mangling the first-born expression. Christopher tells him "Gordaaaana" has one. The lady in question is currently eating her breakfast, telling her roomies she was thinking of making a cigarette holder to complete her look, but realized she has too many other things to worry about.

Ra'Mon, who should definitely be worried, is trying to muster his confidence. He says in an interview that he changed his look to, "as Tim put it," take it to the next level. Now, R'M, don't blame Tim for your changes. He says he doesn't think he'll be in the top three this week, but somewhere in the middle. He feels like he'll be safe because he took a risk with his concept. He's not happy with the design, he says, but it's too late to make changes and he just needs to go with it. When Tim comes in to get the models into fittings, he sadly reminds everyone that they should work like there is no tomorrow, since for one of them, there won't be. Aw, Tim!

Craziness ensues. "A lot of dresses are like, half-way done," Nicolas interviews. "And people are getting cranky." No kidding. When Louise prays aloud that she not stab herself in the finger again today (eeek!), Irina snaps like a school marm that there be "no talking; working." UGH.

Meanwhile, Gordana is still going strong on her theme. It appears she made the changes Tim suggested to the back of her dress. She tells Nicolas that it looks simple, but the dress took forever to make. "Trust me," he says with admiration, "I have worked with that material, and I know it is really hard." I wish they'd tell us the name of the material, but they do not, and I am not sure what it is, exactly. Some kind of bronze, lacey, beady thing? I know that she added beaded elements. She's working now to get the right accessories together, she says, because that's what the '20s were all about.

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