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On the way to Parsons, we hear Daniel say, "And then there were five." Feeling good that I haven't used that phrase in a recap this season.

On the runway, Heidi enters in a super-flattering black pantsuit. She tells them that for this challenge, they will have a very difficult client: "One of your fellow designers." I don't think anyone was expecting this. Many mouths agape. She says it's going to be a head-to-toe makeover. She's got the lovely black velvet button bag to see who will be designing for whom. She starts with Santino. He will be designing for Kara. Kara will be designing for Santino. Nick for Daniel. Chloe for Nick. Daniel for Chloe. They seem kind of uncomfortable with this. Everyone has a kind of glued-on smile. I'm guessing that, at this point, the idea of having to work so closely with another designer is hard to love. They're all getting pretty competitive, and who wants to measure and consult and fit their competition? Not to mention having to trust them to model the design to its best advantage. They don't seem paranoid or anything, but the client/designer relationship is already fraught with a potentially uncomfortable push and pull of interests. With the extra baggage they have as competitors, designing for each other must seem as appealing as being your own parents' couples therapist.

I'm really sad that Andrae's not here for this challenge. Imagine the snappy short-shorts that someone would have designed for him.

Now, it's time for model-choosing. Rebecca and Danyelle enter the runway. Uh oh, Danyelle is, like, already crying. Daniel delicately chooses Rebecca and wishes Danyelle "better and bigger things." Heidi seems touched by Danyelle's emotion as she auf-wiedersehens her. Every designer blows Danyelle a big kiss as she sobs off the runway. There's a model pile-up in the back as all of the girls hug Danyelle. She interviews that she has grown attached to everyone and the thought of not seeing them is what has made her so upset. Well, she's a beautiful girl, so I'm sure she is going to have a great career. Bye, Danyelle!

In the workroom, Tim addresses them. He tells them that they are "reinventing the look of each other." He also tells them that they will model the designs, which I had kind of assumed, but the designers register some surprise. They will have two days and $200 for the challenge. They all look like they've just hit the jackpot. Tim gives them an hour to consult with their "clients." Then, they'll go shopping.

Nick tells Chloe that he would like a Eurotrash "suited" look. Chloe interviews that she wanted her design to look expensive (which is a favorite goal of hers). She's going to make Nick "sophisticated," she says.

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