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Daniel says to Chloe that he's getting nervous about whether he'll have enough time to finish, and then he'll remember that he's immune.

We see Kara fitting Santino, and he suggests that she add some plaid fabric to the lining of the shirt she is making. Santino interviews that he is having to spend too much time "helping" Kara. This is the same shit he said before. Funny, I never see people asking for Santino's "help." Nick says that Santino is more concerned with Kara's look for him than he is with his own design. Per Daniel, the jumpsuit that Santino is making is "ridiculous" and needs a lot of work.

The next morning, Nick and Daniel are joking around while Santino is sulking on his bed. Santino interviews that the other two guys have made him the enemy, which he thinks is just their competitive spirits taking over. Hmm, nothing to do with your behavior? Nope, it's also "straight-up jealousy." None of it is his fault, though. He says he is not going home today.

On the rooftop, Chloe tells Kara that she thinks that they are both safe. "Baby, we are down to five. 'Safe' isn't even a word anymore." Instead, it's a groundbreaking film from the nineties starring Julianne Moore. Nosebleeds, modern furniture -- it's a classic.

At Parsons, Tim tells them that they will have two hours to get ready for the show. Imagine the model who is eliminated because a designer is eliminated in this challenge. She's gonna be like, "This is what happens when you don't leave the modeling to the professionals." We see the designers get made up. Collier Strong reassures Nick that he's pretty.

The cashmere that Nick used is showing all of the imperfections in his sewing, so he keeps trying to steam and iron it. When Kara sees Santino shaved down to a mustache and some chin stuff, she screams. He does look nice and clean. "You're so handsome!" she screams.

Chloe says that she thinks the garment that Daniel made for her looks really bad. Kara says that she's really uncomfortable because Santino has glued her into the jumpsuit. The sleeve is coming off of her. Nick says, "The outfit was unfinished, yet again." As Santino is sort of lording over Kara, Daniel says that he was "bullying" her about how she couldn't move. Even Santino kind of admits it. He says he needs Kara to say, "This is what I wanted. I feel amazing in it." This would seem a perfect opportunity for Kara to give Santino a gentle heave-ho, huh? Commercials.

Heidi greets the…the judges. The designers are backstage. Heidi reminds Michael, Nina, and guest judge Freddie Leiba (celebrity fashion stylist) that the designers gave each other makeovers. The show begins.

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