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Making A Splash

Once the designers have left the stage, Heidi asks, "Richard, I want to know who was the most newsworthiest [sic]." Austin was Richard's favorite, because he was talkative and outgoing. He also thought Jay was a "tremendous character." Anne thinks Jay and Austin are neck and neck. Heidi chimes in that Jay's was her favorite suit, which Anne labels "Gucci-esque." Richard liked Robert because he was confident. Anne pooh-poohs his suit, though. Backstage, Robert says he thought Constance was going to slap him for the sports-car business. Richard says Wendy didn't make much of an impression and that he would have liked her to have spoken about being a mother from the suburbs. Anne didn't like Wendy's suit either, because there was no "bathing girdle." They all think Alexandra's suit was boring. Even Richard thinks it's boring, and he hasn't really been talking about the fashions. Heidi points out that Alexandra named the people she copied for the suit. Richard thinks Kevin blew his chance to promote himself. As well, Heidi is totally confused by his suit. It was "Loosey Goosey with a skirt."

They bring the designers back onstage. Heidi says it was a difficult judging. Wendy is wearing ridiculous red sneakers. Jay and Austin are the top two. They have to wait until the following day to see who will be mentioned in Page Six. Whoever is mentioned is the winner of the challenge. Jay says in an interview that, if he wins, it will be because he was real, and not a whore like Austin and Melissa were. Okay, buddy, watch it with the freaking sour grapes. ["Plus, it was basically a whoring challenge, so whatever." -- Wing Chun] Robert is "in." Wendy is "in." I'd like to point out, though, that she is in the bottom once again. It's down to Alexandra and Kevin. Wendy interviews that she was relieved, because she thought she would be eliminated. Unsuspecting Kara Saun hugs her backstage. Heidi tells Alexandra that she wasn't original, and Kevin that his design didn't look like a swimsuit. Kevin is "in." He looks truly stunned, and leaves the runway.

Pretty Alexandra stands there nodding her head at Heidi. She is so cordial and thanks everyone. Backstage, everyone is sad. Tim Gunn even hugs her. She interviews that she was disappointed not to have made it to fashion week. Only then does she let out a little tear. She was a good girl, that Alexandra.

The next day, Jay and Austin go to a bodega to grab a Post. Austin and Melissa were mentioned. He won the challenge. Austin says his "mother is going to be so proud." Outside, they fake a fight, and Jay pretends to throw Austin against a wall an pummel him with the newspaper. It's beautiful. Don't ever change, boys!

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