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Making A Splash

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Making A Splash

Jay interrupts John McDonald and Richard Johnson -- who are laughing and slapping each other on the back -- with "Let's just talk to this guy. Let's get it over with." In an interview, Jay says, "I find this guy with lights all over him." That's a tiny moment, but I love it when Jay says stuff like that. He's making fun of the staginess of reality shows. He introduces himself to Richard Johnson as Jesus, and interviews that he feels he fared well. He seems really funny as he's talking to Richard (if a touch antagonistic, which may not have worked for Mr. Johnson but makes me love him a whole lot), and leads the conversation.

After their time with Richard, all of the designers and models kind of cut loose and start dancing. Austin macks on Robert, which makes him a little uncomfy, I think. He then does this crazy Sprockets bullfighting dance with Melissa. Now, I'm uncomfy.

Later, Melissa parks herself at Richard Johnson's table to WORK IT. Unfairly, Jay is kind of sour grapes and interviewing that Melissa looks like the "hired help." He thinks either that she looks like a maid or like a prostitute, neither of which is true. I think Jay's just showing a little competitive spirit. Eventually, Olga and Jenny make their way over to the table as well. Austin interviews that Tim Gunn told him that you have to do what you have to do in order to get attention and be "a man's a man." This is all getting so primitive. At one point, Melissa is standing and Richard Johnson, while looking at her ass, says, "I think I should not look at her ass, while the camera's on me, right?" Right. In their interviews, all of the designers are a-twitter about Melissa. Richard Johnson asks Austin, with regard to Melissa, "Will you get pissed off at her if she becomes the star of this and you don't?" Austin's reply: "That won't happen." Just because the pretty young thing has more appeal to you, Mr. Johnson, doesn't mean that the eccentric gay guy won't capture the hearts of millions more. Boo-yah!

I have to mention this one tiny moment that happens as they are all leaving Hiro. Jay has a cigarette out and is ready light it, when Martinique (in street clothes) comes barreling out past him and bumps into him. He makes the greatest exasperated stumble and kind of glares after her. Just thought I'd share that. Also, Austin picks up Morgan and shows everyone her vagina.

Heidi does nothing at this party. Nothing.

As they are leaving, Morgan tells Kevin that she is going out and doesn't have time to change. He offers little resistance. Kara interviews that she would not have taken that chance -- the chance that Morgan would ruin the swimsuit while she is out. Kara doesn't think Kevin would have the opportunity to repair any damage Morgan might inflict on the helpless garment. Even Wendy gets human for a moment and says, "I'm really hoping Morgan shows up in the outfit and it's not in fifty-two pieces."

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