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Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Frenemy

At Mood, everyone except Timothy runs for the high quality fabrics, with a suggested budget of $300. Timothy runs to the very back of the store to go rooting around in the dumpster, where he feels "right back at home." Tim lets Timothy know that Mood has organic textiles and Timothy is like "ehhhhhh NOPE." He finds some blue velvet that is a remnant from someone else’s Queen Cookie Monster costume idea and is pleased with that. Everyone else’s designs seem really lovely so far, by the way, but Timothy is just the Urinary Tract Infection of this show and I can think of nothing but how badly I want him eliminated.

Kate, the returning designer from last season, is making something super costumey by the looks of her sketch. In the sewing room that Russian guy who showed his model’s vagina on the runway (Sandro) is fighting with Ken so loudly that even the deaf guy is like "shut up." Ken suggests that Sandro "speak f**king correct English."

We’re a little worried for Kahindo, who chose a kind of wacky print. Dom’s dress is looking earthy but pretty, and Tim is concerned about it looking "Palm Springs Poolside" or "gold-digging floozy." That awful Swedish woman chose some pretty bold trim that concerns Tim. Justin chose a very time-consuming design. Former Contemporary Dancer and previous challenge winner Bradon chose a beautiful but affordable curtain fabric and it looks like the risk is paying off.

Kahindo has never worked with silk charmeuse and she’s trying to do a cutout. It’s not going well. Jeremy doesn’t think it’s going well, and he has an accent I forgot about. Tim suggests Kahindo line the dress with the print and cover it up with a sheer black fabric. It could be salvageable. Kate, Sandro and Helen are also making dresses. Alexander/Suede/my new favorite has a dress that is going a little granny. But let’s get to Timothy’s garbage dress already. Tim says he doesn’t understand it and is wondering where the design is.

Timothy is having trouble understanding, and all the other designers are just gagging over the shade of it all. Tim says it has a ticket to home written all over it. Timothy is disheartened. Jeremy even helps him drape it. Everyone pitches in to help, but I’m not sure why. Oh, Helen is helping everyone, even uninvited.

The models arrive for their fittings and mainly so that we can all feel bad for Timothy’s new model. There’s some futzing in the sewing room about thread and machines, whatever. That big-haired woman is doing that thing that sometimes older people do when they are really fussy about technology, but don’t want to admit that they don’t know how to use it? I’m not saying she’s older, I’m just saying she’s acting like she is.

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