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Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Frenemy

I love Alexander’s dress. It’s all flowy and dramatic and cool. Kate loves her dress, I love the styling she did with it and she’ll probably be in the top. Hahaha, you guys, Timothy’s dress is just awful. It is trashy-terrible. Karen (who are you, Karen?) has a dress that is just OK and doesn’t fit on top too well. Jeremy’s dress is a dream. It has all these pretty layers of tulle. But then Sandro’s dress walks the runway and you forget what beauty ever looked like because it’s so tacky. It’s beige with mesh-covered cutouts and she can barely walk in it.

Helen is so horrified by her dress that she has basically a fit as it turns the corner for the runway. No more guessing who did what design here, judges! She’s shaking and sobbing, so they have to stop the runway show so Tim can go talk to her. Between hiccups, she tells Tim that her construction is awful and Tim tells her there’s nothing she can do about it now. At least she drew a lot of attention to herself, right, Sandro?

Helen’s dress hits the runway (maybe that model is just bad luck?) and Alexandria smiles with pleasure at how bad it is. I don’t like that Alexandria. Sue’s dress walks the runway and blah blah blah…who cares, right? She did that dumb ruching thing again to hide that she doesn’t know how to change the thread in a sewing machine. Bradon’s dress walks the runway and there is an audible reaction from all the designers and judges. It’s fabulous and looks like liquid metal.

The top and bottom designers are Dom, Sandro, Timothy, Kahindo, Helen and Kate. What? No Jeremy, Alexander or Bradon? I don’t get it. But I don’t know fashion, just television.

The judges love Dom’s look. They say it looks young and offers a different perspective, but the hem is overpowering it. Heidi says she would choose Dom’s dress because it is "hip and happening" but they don’t like the hairband, thank god. I like to be a little right about some things.

Timothy’s dress receives critique next, and I hope his explanation of it alone annoys the judges to the point of sending him home. The judges are glad Timothy used makeup, but the hair is still problematic. And then they find out that he went through the garbage bags at Mood to get his fabric and even the model is like, "Hell no."

Zac Posen says the velvet could have come from his studio because they had some (but didn’t use it). He admires the use of the velvet and the hem of the garment, but the dress itself is mostly stupid looking. At least Timothy takes the feedback well.

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