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Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Frenemy

Kate has this big long story about her gown, but it’s pretty enough to hold up. The judges like Kate’s dress; it’s really pretty and the styling is on. But it’s next to Sandro’s dress, which is just so crazy. Heidi loves this dress, though. She says all the piling on really works this week. Oh, this is a nightmare. I think it looks crazy, and crazy doesn’t look cute on anyone. At least Zac Posen said it borders on trashy.

Kahindo is next, and her dress is not enough in the judges’ estimation. Heidi says it looks like it was store bought, Zac Posen says it looks like sand art and a dress on sale. Nina says the dress is too “nice.”

Helen is last, freely admitting she has never done cups so she chose to do some this time. Then Helen goes on, interrupting Heidi telling her that the cups are bad and ill-fitting, to proclaim that evening wear is her forte. No, girl -- it ain’t. Nina says there are so many imperfections that it distracts from the diamonds. Helen gets all emotional again, pleading through her sobs with a passion Timothy doesn’t understand. That impassioned speech should not accompany such a poorly made dress.

Heidi claims this is all about the fashion and the design, but it’s really more about making good television, which is why they’ll probably eliminate Helen and keep Timothy. In the green room, Sandro tells Timothy he should talk less. Sandro should also talk less, but he’s right that Timothy shouldn’t tell the judges he got the fabric out of a garbage bag.

After giving the dresses a closer look, it seems like Helen is not likely to go, and Tim reveals the reality of Kahindo’s original print underneath the black tulle. Nina clearly doesn’t like Timothy, but I’m sure he’ll stay in the name of ratings. There is nothing redeemable about that garbage dress and if it were made by any other designer it would be sending them home.

Back on the runway, Heidi announces Kate as the winner of the challenge. Dom and Sandro are safe. Helen is safe, puzzlingly. Kahindo and Timothy are in the bottom, and Timothy is in for color. I loathe this. Kahindo is out? Ugh, whyyyyyy. This world is so stupid.

"I’m in," Timothy smirks back in the green room. Tim doesn’t use his rescue because he agrees with the judges, and he saw the true horror of that inelegant print.

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