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Does This Hat Make Moi's Ears Look Fat?

Joanna arrives and says that she thinks that this is one of the best challenges in Project Runway history. Mondo says that he really appreciates her input because she has knowledge and taste of an expert. She starts with Gordana, who describes her dress as lovely and gentle. Joanna says that she's getting a nightgown feeling from the dress. She tells Gordana that, when you are dressing a mega-celebrity of Miss Piggy's wattage, you needn't think too much about comfort, because bitch will do what she needs to do to fit in the thing. Mila describes her look for Joanna, which includes a headband. Joanna reminds her that Miss Piggy has 2 large ears, she doesn't want the pig to be unable to hear. Austin interviews that Mila's aesthetic is so severe that he's worried she won't be able to bring the humor and whimsy needed to succeed in this challenge.

Joanna tells Kenley that she and Miss Piggy should be a perfect match, what with both of them being such girly girls. So, Kenley is using a pink and white giraffe print and Joanna asks Kenley how she thinks Piggy would feel about wearing giraffe. She laughs and then remembers that Miss Piggy wears a lot of leopard print.

Next, she moves on to Austin. You know, Austin is always kind of fabulous and eye-catching, but there's something about sort of subdued about his look today that just seems sort of... handsome. Dashing, even. I don't know why it is so surprising. I guess it's because he so often looks sort of alien. He feels like he and Miss Piggy are kindred spirits. Joanna wonders if his dress might look like gift-wrapping and he says that it's a possibility, though not inappropriate.

Mondo is making something '60s-inspired, because that's when he imagines that Miss Piggy was born and he wanted to give her something from her childhood since she brought so much to his. Wow, what a freaking complicated way to justify using some wacky '60s colors. Joanna tells him to stay focused because there is a lot of competition in the room.

She wishes all of them well and tells them to not let Miss Piggy down. Does Joanna smile or laugh ever? Seriously, I don't recall ever seeing her smile. It's not a huge deal, she's entitled to whatever demeanor she wants, but it's a little odd, right? She just talked about Miss Piggy a lot and never smiled.

With one hour remaining, the models come in for a fitting. Mila finds that her sleeve is off and wonders if she has enough time to correct it. Anthony interviews that Michael's dress is amateurish and looks like a princess seam dress with some bubbles on the boob. Gordana says that she's going ahead with her original idea and feels confident with it. Michael thinks that you could find her dress in any department store. Mondo doesn't like the way his dress looks and knows that he has a lot of work to do the next day. Kenley and Kara keep consulting each other and it's really bothering Mila. She thinks they are codependent and don't realize that this is not a group prize that we're looking to win here.

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