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Does This Hat Make Moi's Ears Look Fat?

That night, they're all laughing and having a good time at the Flatotel. Rami interviews that the stress and exhaustion provides some moments of laughter. Anthony recalls something that he heard Oprah say -- when you've done all you can do, you can only surrender. That's what he's going to do. Kara likes laughing with everyone too.

The next morning, Rami is nervous because everyone's designs look really unique. Austin still has a lot of work to finish and is feeling stressed. Michael says that thinks Austin might get eliminated. Anthony jokes that he thought about having some bacon for breakfast. So, more accessory drama. Kara needs to put her damn name on the stuff. She takes Austin's shoes because she says that she's already shown Joanna the shoes as part of her story. April, getting nasty, says that Kenley's dress is just like her other dresses.

It's hair and make-up time and there's hot make-up daddy. I love him more and more with each lined eye. Everyone's psyched about meeting Miss Piggy. Kara thinks her daughter is going to be especially excited.

Angela greets the designers on the runway. She introduces Georgina, stylist Eric Daman (there for Isaac) and Miss Piggy, international superstar. Michael's dress is first and it truly is a simple dress with bubbles on the boobs. The fabric looks like wrapping paper. I don't know how he's talking about anyone else's dress not being original, except for the fact that no one would have the poor taste to use that weird fabric.

April's dress is next and it's really interesting. It's a little black number with some feathers at the shoulders. It's high-waisted with a little triangle of gray and black polka dots at the bust. April thinks it has a Tim Burton feel and I don't know that I disagree.

Jerell's dress is next and it has that same sheer saggy-bosomed thing that he is so partial to. There's always a flapper-loose silhouette to the waist, but I really hate the saggy neckline.

Here's Kara's dress, and by golly, she's got the gloves she wants. It almost looks like a cocktail dress version of a 1940s swimsuit, with a cut-out over the stomach. It's cute.

Kenley made a cute pink dress, per uzh. She also made a dramatic pink mesh hat.

Anthony's dress is fairly boring, but with lots of feathers in front.

Here's Rami's dress and it's great. White with red and orange polka dots, flared skirt, ruffled neckline. Very feminine.

Mila's dress is next. It's a mod black and white number that doesn't have any of the whimsy that Miss Piggy would sport.

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