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Does This Hat Make Moi's Ears Look Fat?

The judges confer. Angela thinks that Austin's dress was flamboyant, but not classy. Eric thinks that the bows were unfortunate. Piggy thought that Mila's dress was retro (good) and goth (bad). Angela says that she was like to see Piggy in a goth dress, but she's reserving that for Halloween. Piggy wondered where the rest of Gordana's dress was. She thought something was missing. In regards to Kenley's dress, she says that she has never worn giraffe before and is not sure what message it sends. A leopard is fierce, but what is a giraffe? They think that Rami's dress is attention-grabbing. Eric thinks that it will look like she's having a good time while she's wearing it. Georgina thinks that a million girls will love Michael's dress? Eric wonders if the hat that was with the dress would accentuate her ears in the right way. She asks him to move closer... then, karate chops him! I love it!!!

The designers return to the stage. Kenley is safe. Piggy declares the winner to be... Michael! I was really off with this one. He goes backstage and jumps up and down and Kenley congratulates him and hugs him. OK. So, Kenley doesn't seem like such a horrible person anymore. She has been oddly generous with people, from what I can see. We could chalk it up to life experience, but I also wonder if it's maybe because Tim Gunn isn't around. She just seems so much less defensive without him there. Rami is safe too.

It's down to Mila and Gordana. Angela says that Gordana's dress is just pretty. She says that Mila should have celebrated her client a little more and not just her own design aesthetic. Mila Gordana is out. Gordana thanks them for the opportunity. Miss Piggy tells her that she really is an all-star and she should remember that. She interviews that she would like to let women of a certain age, who have put their dreams aside to raise their families, know that it's never too late to pursue your dreams, whatever they may be. Well, that's certainly admirable. Gordana's a sweetheart.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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