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Model Clients

The designers come back onstage. Kara Saun is the winner of the challenge. Good for her, but it's a bummer that Jay didn't win. I thought his dress was better. Jay, however, is still "in." Austin is wigging. Nora seems pretty cool. She has one of those hideous purple flowers pinned to her shirt. Heidi tells Nora that she compromised too much, and that Austin's gown looks nothing like a wedding dress. Austin has sweat on his upper lip. He is "in." Nora is going home. Austin stumbles off of the runway. Nora keeps her cool. I guess somebody owes her $10. She interviews that she is embarrassed that she has to leave the show with the wedding gown being her last gown, since it is so unlike her. She says she is going to miss everyone on the show. She cries to Alexandra that she wanted to do more. Don't worry, Nora! I'm sure we'll see a lot more of you in the future.

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