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Model Clients

On the runway, Heidi tells the designers to take a good look at their models, because they are the designers' new clients. Everyone seems excited, though a few of the designers seem confused and apprehensive. Heidi then says, "I'll give you a hint. Dum, dum dum dum...." It's the wedding march. The challenge is working with clients, and the designers each have to create the wedding dress their models want. Jay looks like he just issued his own death sentence. Kara Saun, who chose Jenny, interviews that she is really glad she chose a model of the low-maintenance/low-drama variety. Heidi, possibly having flashbacks to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue of 199-whenever, says in a low grim tone, "I hope you've been good to them, because now they are in charge."

Jay interviews that "Morganza" has been difficult, dramatic, moody, and...uh, crazy. With every adjective, we are shown an example of Morgan acting like a fool. Jay says that he chose Morgan because of her walk, but that if he had known the nature of the challenge, he would have chosen a different model. Well, sure. Heidi concludes on the runway that the designers will have an hour to meet with the models, and two days to finish their design.

At the Workshop, Tim Gunn speaks to the designers before they have their consultations with the models. He encourages the designers not to give in entirely to the models' wishes: they must retain creative control over the project. He then cautions the designers that the losing design will end up in the "Fashion Cemetery," which is a line-up of the designs responsible for the previous eliminations. They are in the back of the Workshop, so that they can haunt everyone. I bet Austin is a little annoyed that his design from last week is back there. The dresses look so sad. Somewhat appropriately, Starr's looks the saddest. Suddenly, we hear the approach of the models. They are all singing the wedding march, Heidi-style. Lots of "dum dum"s (non-euphemistically). Alexandra says to herself, "They're excited."

The models come in, and each goes to the worktable of her designer. Morgan is immediately all up in Jay's grill telling him how she wants a dress like the black Versace gown Cameron Diaz wore to the FIRST Charlie's Angels premiere. For the love of God, Jay, please don't confuse it with the second Charlie's Angels. Please. Jay seems mortified. He interviews that Morgan came into the room like a monster. Perhaps "Morgzilla" is a more appropriate name for her. Morgan interviews that she is very excited: "This is the best...what is it called? Challenge? This is the best challenge ever."

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