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Model Clients

The Morgan/Jay disaster in the making is juxtaposed with Alexandra and Erin. Erin says, "Do whatever." Of course, Alexandra is thrilled.

Julia tells Austin that her favorite colors are silver, gray, and leopard.

Melissa, who is all of sixteen, describes to Nora the dress she has been dreaming of her "entire life." I've dreamt of sandwiches for longer than that. Because Melissa's middle name is "Rose," she has to have roses in her dress. Lots of roses. Thank goodness she wasn't named "Turnip" or "Rattlesnake." Nora is disturbed by how hokey Melissa's idea is. She interviews, "She doesn't know. She's not a designer." Then, we hear her tell Melissa, "You're a good designer!" It's Opposites Day in the Workshop.

Olga drawls in her thick Russian dialect that she needs lots of jewels in her gown. Kevin, who is not playing along for Opposites Day, says, "Really?" He's looking at her like she's from outer space. He interviews that Olga's idea is "gaudy." Then, he relates her poor taste to the fact that she's Russian. Nyet nice, Kevin. Then, comes one of the funniest exchanges I've ever heard. It's totally a Balki/Larry Appleton moment. Olga is describing the bodice of the dress for Kevin, who is resting his head in his hand on his worktable. She is saying "corset" with the thickest accent, and Kevin goes, "Car seat?" Like, he's bewildered that she would want him to put a car seat on her wedding dress. When, he corrects himself, neither of them laughs about it, which seems a little humorless. I mean, come on! Car seat/corset! That's fucking comedy, man! Kevin interviews that he will work very hard to make Olga happy. Olga, in turn, interviews laughingly that she is going to "crack the whip." I'm just glad to know she can laugh.

Jay is seen trying to talk Morgan out of her idea. He kind of explains to her that, though she wants a sheer gown with cut-out and "flip-flops," he needs to make sure he isn't eliminated. Morgan interviews that she is "gonna make Jay [her] bitch."

After the girls have gone, the designers share horror stories. Kevin tells Jay that Olga only wants diamonds, and Jay's reply is, "Poor fucking thing." I'm not sure if he means Olga or Kevin, but both are the same sentiment, really -- the sentiment being Kevin's gonna have to make a tacky dress. Jay interviews that the designers all think that the girls are clueless and want "to look like Disney characters" for this challenge. Kevin seems genuinely frightened by Olga. Robert points out that most designers have months to make a wedding gown, and that they have two days. Commercials.

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