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Model Clients

Tim Gunn greets the designers at Mood, a fabric store. Each designer gets $300 and forty-five minutes to shop. "Make it work!" Yes sir!

Austin is going for some far-out prints, because Julia's favorite color is leopard. He picks out a print that has teal in it, and explains to the camera that he is getting it because Julia like leopard. I guess he's going for "close enough."

After an unknown length of time, Robert realizes that the tinted glasses he is wearing are affecting his perception of the fabrics that he is viewing. No lie. He interviews that he designed his ex-wife's wedding gown. I guess that proves that it's bad luck to see the dress before the day of the wedding.

Nora interviews that Melissa wants flowers in her hair and on her hands. She says that it is totally not her, but we still see her ask someone at the fabric store for all the flowers they've got.

Back at the Workshop, Austin laments the short length of time they have to work on their designs. That must be really hard for someone like Austin, who designs such elaborate dresses, with lots of details.

We see Jay trying to reach Morgan on his cell phone. When he finally reaches her, she is rambling that she doesn't want sequins (huh?) on her dress. Jay begs her to let him speak, but she just keeps going. Later, we see him saying that he is worried about this challenge. Then, he goes, "And, now the biggest day of her life -- I'm the one making the fucking dress for it!" It's really funny. He seems to be making fun of the models a little bit, because they are taking this really seriously. Someone needs to remind them that they aren't really getting married. Jay tosses around the idea of sabotaging Morgan, and decides that the best way to do that would be to "make what Nora's making. Morgan, I decided to cover your dress with roses." Nora replies, "This isn't my design. This is Miss Pageant USA's dress."

Nora continues, saying that Melissa was very detailed in expressing what she wants. She reasons that the models are so often told what to wear and not given any choice -- so when they have a little power, it can become contentious.

Austin shows Julia the crazy print he bought. She loves it. Wendy interviews that Austin seems "off his game." She believes that, when working with a client, you have to try to think like her. Austin "operates on one frequency." She believes that the collaboration will suffer. Well, first of all, she has a point that Austin's ideas usually flow from the same general style. However, wedding gowns would seem to be a perfect marriage (pun intended) with that style. Romantic, feminine=wedding gown. What's the problem? Second, fuck you, Wendy Pepper. Austin interviews that Julia's style is different from his, and that he is going to give her what she wants.

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