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Model Clients

The next day, Tim Gunn asks Jay about his design. Jay tells Tim that Morgan wants some weird cut-outs on the gown. Tim tells Jay to remind Morgan that he's the designer and she's the model, which makes Jay laugh. Tim, in a neato black v-neck sweater with blue and tan diamonds on it, tells Jay, "The one thing you don't want to utter on that runway, during the judging, is 'Morgan made me do it.'" To which Jay replies, "Oh, hell no!" As well, Tim sagely reminds Jay that Morgan is "already labeled as a kook." Hello, designers! Did you hear that? Don't pick the girl. You could be putting pretty Audrey in a dress right now, but no. We get Morgan.

Tim seems really perplexed by Nora's design. I don't think he really knows what to say.

Jay explains to Morgan that he had to change her concept. She is surprisingly cool with it. He interviews that he is really hoping Morgan holds it together for the next twenty-four hours.

Olga comes in with her boyfriend, Gustav (kind of cute, kind of bland -- very Russian). Gustav starts to give Kevin some advice about how to bejewel Olga's dress even more extensively than it's already disgustingly splattered with crap. Kevin interviews that he thinks Olga believes she is designing the dress.

Suddenly, more of the girls start coming in with their boyfriends. The guys are a little disappointing, because I'm thinking hot models=hot boyfriends. Not so, in this instance. Rich, Julia's boyfriend, meets Austin. He seems pretty laid-back (read: stoner). Joy brings in her boyfriend, Aaron. With a super-dark tan, a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, and a hand saucily placed on his hip, I'm thinking that if that is Joy's boyfriend, she needs to have a little pow wow with my college girlfriends. Kara Saun interviews that, with the way the models are acting, you'd think they were really getting married. Then, we see Wendy insincerely tell Joy and Liberace what a lovely couple they make.

Austin's dress for Julia is looking a little eccentric; however, on second look, her boyfriend is looking cuter. Wendy looks at it and says, "Stunning." In her interview, she says that she doesn't like it.

Robert is trying to sell Martinique on the lace he has purchased, but she thinks it looks "like an old lady." Kara Saun, from the other side of the Workshop, goes, "That's expensive lace, wasn't it Rob?" Martinique is sold. Immediately, Kara Saun whispers to the camera, "All you have to do is tell them it was expensive and they'll like it. Trick of the trade." Damn, that is fucking impressive. It was like a card trick, the way she made that happen.

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