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Nora bluffs that she is happy the dye she bought wasn't right. Red, she says, is too literal. Whatever gets you through the day, crazy pants. Everyone is worried about finishing his or her dress.

The next morning, Jay says he doesn't know what is going to happen at the elimination. Robert, in his banana hammock underwear, interviews that someone's "going to get left at the aisle [sic] on their [sic] wedding day." Okay, any tiny crush on Robert? Gone. Nipples like garbage-can lids, people. I'm sorry, I'm not making this up. Kara Saun interviews that, though she is taking each challenge one at a time, her big picture is the runway show at Fashion Week.

At Parsons, Tim Gunn tells the designers that they have four and a half hours to fit their models and have their makeup ready before the show. Melissa loves her dress. Jenny almost cries when she is wearing Kara Saun's dress. Jay's dress looks good, except it's a little long. Morgan won't let him hem it, because she doesn't want to see her shoes. Olga hates her dress. It "eetches" because Kevin didn't put a liner in it. As everyone is scrambling to get ready for the runway show, Olga is crying about the itching. At one point, she even tells the cameraperson to go away. Commercials.

Heidi welcomes the designers to the runway. The judges this week are Michael Kors; Anne Slowey, who is the Fashion News Director at Elle and needs a little quality time in the L'Oreal Hair and Make-up Lab for a hot oil treatment (for real, girl needs to condition); and Amsale, who is in Heidi's words "a highly sought-after wedding-dress designer." We see a few photos of Amsale's work. It's pretty.

Wendy's dress is first. It has a strapless corset. There's a red trim at the neckline. The skirt is multi-layered, giving the gown a kind of airy goddess feel. At the center of the neckline begins a red strap that continues over one shoulder to the back of the gown, where it runs into the lacing for the corset. The lacing is red. The corset is opened at an angle, revealing a triangle-shaped section over Joy's back. The red lacing stretches over the exposed back. I don't really like the back, but the silhouette created by the gown is pretty. Wendy, of course, interviews that her gown will save the world or some shit.

Nora's gown is next. Help! Someone help, Melissa! She has been attacked by...oh. Those are the flowers. The purple flowers are everywhere: on the skirt, in her hair...they're disgusting. Otherwise, it's a standard-issue puffy white wedding dress with an off-the-shoulder kind of Bateau neckline.

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