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Robert's dress is next. It's a lovely strapless gown with a lace-covered bodice. The sheer skirt flares into an A-line. The skirt is removable to make the gown a really short dress. It's hot. I don't know that many brides, outside of Melania Trump, who want to show that much boob on their wedding day, but if you got it....

Next is Kevin's dress. Olga looks like she's going to rip the gown off. Kevin wonders, in an interview, if Olga was happy. He politely says that although she wanted more "diamonds," he wanted to keep it minimal. Why are you restraining yourself now, Kevin? Just a little while earlier, you were calling her a tacky Russian. The gown is pretty. It's strapless, with jewels across the top of the bodice. They actually look like tiny mirrors, and it looks quite pretty. The dress is floor-length and fitted, though there is excess for a moderately long train in the back. Very pretty. As well, Olga is wearing a neat little veil -- small, covering her eyes. It's cool.

Jenny comes out in Kara Saun's gown. It's a shimmering, silvery satin. guessed it, low-cut in the front and bag. Fitted very nicely. There are jewels lining the neckline and back. The dress is fitted, floor-length, with a slight train. It's pretty, but Kara Saun hasn't broken any new ground with this design.

Wow. Here's Julia in Austin's dress. It's a thigh-high teal satin dress with spaghetti straps. She's wearing several strands of rhinestone beads. There's a dark sash right below her waist. Attached to the sash in the back is a monstrous bustled train of red and white organza, mixed with more teal satin. At the bottom of the train is the crazy fabric that Austin couldn't stop talking about. You can hardly see it! Heidi makes a face like she's going to vomit. Austin interviews that he knows it's not a traditional wedding gown, nor is it like something he would normally design. I think perhaps Austin is in his head too much. He was so desperate to make something different from what he usually does that he has gone too far in the opposite direction.

Next, we have Alexandra's gown. It reminds me of a column version of her Banana Republic dress. It has a drop waist, layers of frill, and a plunging neckline. There's some asymmetry in the layering. And, it's white. It's really pretty. Alexandra interviews that she loves designing wedding gowns.

Oh God, here comes Morgan. She stumbles onto the runway. The dress is too long. Finally, she gets her bearings, but not before the judges are all scribbling on their note cards and shit. The dress is gorgeous. Really fitted and simple, with sleeves right at the shoulders. It's white, with ivory satin and organza layers peeking out at the bottom. Jay interviews that Morgan was really difficult, but that he feels like he pulled the challenge off.

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