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Model Clients

Heidi and her fellow judges have tabulated the scores. Wendy, Robert, Kevin, and Alexandra are safe. Wendy interviews that she is disappointed. Fuck off, Wendy, did you see the other gowns? Yours doesn't suck, but, like, five other gowns are clearly better than yours, you stupid...I hate you.

The models come out to stand with the designers. Heidi asks the models if they are happy with their gowns. Jenny (Kara Saun's model) says that she almost started crying. Morgan says that Jay did exactly what she wanted. Melissa smiles really sincerely and tells the judges that Nora's dress is what she has dreamed of since she was a little girl. Julia tells the judges that she wanted something unusual, not a "white wedding." Michael Kors tells Kara Saun that her dress fits Jenny beautifully. Anne Slowey asks Jay what he likes about his dress. He says he likes the bottom, since it represents is signature style. Then, he says he worked with Morgan because she wanted Helmut Lang. Morgan: "Slash...." Jay: "Calvin Klein." Then, Anne points out that Morgan couldn't walk in the dress. Morgan tries to convince the judges that she wouldn't be doing a runway walk down the aisle, and Anne replies, "You weren't doing a runway walk here. You couldn't." Ouch. Anne asks Austin what he would do differently. He says, "Not a lot." I don't understand that. I guess he is trying to stand by his design, but he clearly would have done a totally different dress give the opportunity. Amsale says she likes the dress, but is having a hard time imagining it as a wedding dress. Anne tells Austin that he is responsible for his own vision. Michael tells Nora that you could find her dress in any bridal boutique. Nora's style is nowhere in the design. Nora replies that she understood the challenge to be giving the model exactly what she wanted. Michael Kors tells her that she "tipped the scales." They leave the runway.

The judges confer. Anne likes that Jay's dress is simple and smart at the same time. Amsale notes that he didn't compromise his style for the client. As Michael says that he's sure Jay has now learned only to put garments on the runway the move well, Jay and Morgan are talking backstage. Morgan says she usually walks perfectly, and Jay replies, "That's why I picked you, but NOT ANYMORE." He's laughing, know he means it. Kara Saun's gown made the model's face light up. The judges think she retained her creative stamp. They hate Nora's gown. Boring. Heidi argues that Melissa is young, and that "big, poofy" gowns are what young girls want. Didn't you get married, like, naked on a beach, Heidi? They think Nora was essentially just a dressmaker for this challenge. Now, they speak of Austin's dress. Michael feels like Austin was "steamrollered." He feels that even someone getting married in "Williamsburg, in a loft" wouldn't get married in a dress like his. I guess you haven't heard, Michael Kors, but all of your rich friends have moved into Williamsburg, making it too expensive and bourgeois for the kind of bohemians who would even consider wearing a dress like Austin's. Pick a new neighborhood for that point. Of course, New York is so gentrified and expensive at this point, you may have to pick a new state. Backstage, Austin tells Kevin that the judges thought his dress was "too weird."

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