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How Much Is That Doggie On That Dress?

Laura seems confident. She's using the dog cone as a foundation for a skirt. She talks to Bert about what he's doing and tells him that she can't wait to see what he shows. Hmm, she's got an interesting respectful tone that makes me feel like I've underestimated her a little bit. Fallene says that she never uses the color orange, but it looks like she's using it now. Viktor says to her that this challenge should be right up her alley and she explains in an interview that she grew up in a very artsy family. Her siblings and she were allowed to write on the walls and such at home, so she is now able to think outside of that box. You know the box. She's wondering what the judges will want and Viktor reminds her that they'll never know. So, anyway, everyone feels like this should be Fallene's sweet spot, this challenge.

Josh C. is using some pretty obvious textiles (umbrella, dog bed, etc.) but he seems relatively confident, so just go with it, Josh. Olivier says that he is the exact opposite of craft stuff. He tells us that he lived in Ohio until he was 16, then moved to London by himself. Later, he went to Milan for "University." He says that, because he has lived in 20 different countries and is a massive fancy pants, culture is very important to him. Something is missing from his story. I don't know what it is, but I'll find out.

Viktor tells Josh M. a little about what he's doing. Josh M. does the same, realizing that he's missing connecting parts for these weird tube things that he's using. Connecting parts of which Viktor is in possession. "Let the games begin," says Becky. Viktor tells us that he's very competitive. Josh M. and his eyebrows tell us that they are going to rock this challenge.

Anya feels weird about cutting the head off of a stuffed animal pelt. I believe that the eradication of teddy and binky poaching is a pet cause of the Miss Universe organization. She's making a lot of people proud right now by championing the... OK, that was a lie. Josh M. tells us that he grew up in the theatre and has a costume-based aesthetic. Instead of a "less is more" approach, he prefers a "more is better" mindset. Kimberly points out that the designers are not used to working with any of these materials, so there's a giant chunk of unknown about the whole thing. Julie tells Bert that, in her mind, her outfit is going to work out perfectly and he jokes that, in her mind, she's also the Queen of Spain. More jokes like this, Bert, and we are going to be friends. Because, Queen of Spain... why? Because its glamour, baby. Julie tells us that she likes her design, but the materials are behaving a little oddly. Becky has some reservations about the colors and materials that she has chosen. She doesn't want her outfit to have a "mother earth" look to it.

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