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How Much Is That Doggie On That Dress?

Josh C. is dyeing some stuff and Olivier remarks in an interview that he is worried because the judges were not a fan of his during the last challenge. Laura is chugging along. She tells us that she grew up upper class, so she has spent a lot of time around luxury and knows that she can't send crap down the runway and have the judges see it as luxury. She feels good about it, but is waiting until she sees it on her model to decide whether it looks "classy or assy." Or, in this case, Lassie. Hooooooo! Fallene says that she's just as lost as everyone else. She makes her living as a hairstylist and designs part time. Everyone expects her to knock this out of the park but she's feeling really pressed for time.

People are starting to notice that Bert is using really conventional materials. He, meanwhile, has never forgotten that he has immunity for this challenge. Anthony plans on making a dress with birdseed that looks like beading, but he's worried about having enough time. Olivier appears to be using a dog bed as fabric for his look, which Anthony notes is predictable. He also mentions though that Olivier's tailoring and taste level suggest a lot of skill.

Viktor, who is working overtime this week to be catchphrase honey, mentions as he is dyeing some pee pads that it is worse than doing laundry in the river. Bryce thinks that Viktor's dress is looking really good. He says that he wants to be in the top 3 this week.

Here's Tim! He greets everyone but no one really looks up. Busy peeps. He starts with Viktor and is stunned to hear that the dress was originally pee pads. He moves onto Bert and is not excited. The dress he's working on is totally blah. Becky chimes in that Bert is phoning it in. Tim says that Bert is really sitting pretty in the judges' minds right now and he doesn't want his lazy effort to recalibrate their opinion of him. Then, he moves onto Josh C., who I find really sort of charming and sweet. Josh says that he's feeling a lot of pressure. He really just has a bodice to show Tim, but Tim seems to really like it. Kimberly adds that Josh has gotten off to a nice start, but he needs to pump up the volume for the judges.

Olivier's stuff is looking impressive. He asks Tim (as Anthony appears to be eavesdropping) if he has a problem with him using bedding as his fabric. Tim says that his plan for his skirt is very ambitious, so the judges should be happy. Anthony does not seem happy. Laura didn't get as much love for her skirt as she was expecting. Josh M. has SO many plans and nothing to show Tim. He suggests to Josh that, if he can't pull off exactly what he has described in the timeframe they have, he should revise his plan.

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