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How Much Is That Doggie On That Dress?

Anya's plan seems very difficult. Becky's design seems kind of tacky, which Kimberly seconds. Tim is really impressed by Anthony's vision, though there isn't that much to see yet. He's really worried about Fallene's ability to finish her look in time. Tim tells everyone that he's really excited to see everyone's finished products. Once he's gone, Becky remarks that it will be nice to partake of a challenge when they finally get to go to Mood. Then, the models come in for fittings. Viktor's dress is very tight. We hear Bert badmouthing the challenge to his model. Bryce interviews that he's not a fan of Bert's attitude, especially since the rest of them are so happy and honored to be there. Josh C. works really hard to make sure his look fits his model and, from what I can see, it looks like he's pretty successful. Josh M. gives himself some tough love (nothing sordid) and ruthlessly edits his own design in order to get all of it done. Laura notices that her model's boohiney is hanging out of the skirt she made. So, when the models are gone, she starts experimenting with some cat scratch to cardboard stuff to see if it would work. Olivier says that she would be terrified to use paper as a material and Laura notes that lots of materials seem to terrify him. Bert says that Olivier is very high fashion.

Julie tells us that she is always feeling like she's up shit creek. Josh C. feels the same way, because there's not a lot of stuff glued to his outfit. Also, we hear how Josh M. really loves his energy and thinks that he's great and all that. It's very sweet. Everyone else feels that Bryce is up shit creek. Because his skirt looks like a bunch of pee pads sewn together.

The next day, everybody gets to work. Anthony has decided that the grass he was going to use as his skirt is too "hula," so he's going to cover his entire skirt with birdseed. That seems really difficult, no? What a stupid thing to type. Of course it's very difficult. Anya says she is not even close to finishing.

Tim comes back. Josh M.'s changes to his original design really impress Tim. He tells them that they have two hours before the fashion show begins. In hair and makeup, Olivier instructs the artist to apply wood shavings to his model's eyebrows. The model seems completely psyched but everyone else thinks it's the worst idea ever, though they don't say it. Everyone scrambles to get it together and they manage to make their way to the runway in record time!

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