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How Much Is That Doggie On That Dress?

On the runway, Heidi is looking seriously awesome. She introduces Michael, Nina and guest judge Stacey Bendet, who started Alice + Olivia. She looks like Judy Tenuta. This is not something that is bad. The show begins with Danielle's look. She used rope dog toys and pee pads to make a skirt and a rope top. It's pretty cool. It all seems to fit really well. I feel like the silhouette of the top could be a little bit cooler. It's very symmetrical, which seems odd given the construction and materials.

Fallene's look is next. She made a strapless dress with a dog bed and aquarium seaweed. It's cute. There are all of these orange pieces glued to the skirt and I really like the texture. She says that she recognizes that her look isn't the most interesting on the runway, but she still likes it.

Anthony's look is next and it looks fantastic. He's happy that it looks as expensive as it does. The dress is belted in the middle, the neckline has sunflower seeds and it melts into birdseed, which covers the rest of the dress. Bert's look is next. Snooze. He used a dog bed and bird cage netting to make a black dress with a lace overlay at the neckline and along the back. It's really dated and not cute at all. I'm recalibrating. He's happy with it.

Julie's look is next and she used leashes and dog food bags. She made a weave of fabrics and it looks really cool, but it looks difficult to walk in. She feels like it has a military feel and loves the silhouette. I agree with her.

Anya pulled it off again. With leashes and rope dog toys, she made a fabulously constructed halter top and amazing black skirt. Bryce tells her that the blouse was worth all of the work. That is nice of him but, unfortunately, the same can not be said of his design, which follows. It's just a paper mache disaster. A midriff baring halter top over a ridiculously voluminous skirt. All from pee pads. He says that he likes the movement, but he's not sure about the look.

Kimberly's look is next and it was created with a dog pillow and aquarium tubing. She made a strapless dress that has a very architectural feel. It's cute. Josh C.'s look is next. It's exactly his mentality. He made it perfectly, but filed down all of the interesting parts of himself in the meantime.

Here's Viktor's look and it's adorable. It's a strapless dress made of pee pads and the dye job he did is pretty spectacular. He's proud of the look. Cecilia's look is next and is made of dog collars and hamster bedding. It looks really good. It looks like mostly stuff added to muslin, but it looks really good.

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