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Leanne's up next. She says that she will not present a boring show. She thinks that Korto and Jerell should come with her. She thinks they are on the same level as her, while Kenley keeps presenting the same shapes. Kenley just kind of scrunches up her face at this.

Korto is crying from the beginning. She says that she will show parts of her culture in her fabric choices. Her collection will show who she really is and wow them. She would take Leanne and Jerell with her, not just because of what they do, but also because of who they are as people. Kenley throws her head back and laughs at this.

Before she begins, Kenley remarks that she's just been thrown under the bus. She says that she takes the most risks of any of the designers. She says she will put on a show. Then she starts crying and says that, regarding fighting with people, she feels like she's been fighting her way through life (on tugboats) and it's a force of habit. She truly apologizes. She grew up tough and that's just her. She thinks Jerell and Leanne should come with her. She doesn't think classic puts on a show, and people want a show at Bryant Park. You know, Kenley's greatest problem is that she's immature and careless. She's probably not some horrible person, but she's definitely toxic at this stage in her life. Get some Oprah, girl.

While the judges confer, the designers wait backstage. Korto says that Kenley shouldn't have said anything about her. That's kind of lame since Kenley just got ripped to shreds onstage. Plus, the line about what kind of people Jerell and Leanne are was clearly pointed at her. Korto gets all in her business and Kenley says that she just went through what Korto went through "times 10." Korto says that she didn't say anything about Kenley, but she's not telling the total truth.

Onstage, Michael says that this wasn't the designers' best moment. Heidi says that they are anxious. Nina liked the softer Leanne. Georgina says she could tell that was Leanne's dress by looking at her. It makes her want to see more of her stuff. Michael feels like her pleating is sad and somber. Georgina thinks that Jerell's dress was intriguing. She wants to see more. They're worried about his construction though. They thought Korto's look was very pageant. Michael loves her construction. Nina loves that she's not afraid of color. Michael says that Kenley has a way with fabrics and color. She lost all of her taste in this challenge. Georgina says that she can't see any of what they said about her past work in this challenge. Then Heidi brings up her attitude. Michael says that, talent aside, her attitude is out of control. Heidi says she's still interested to know what she would do at Fashion Week. They all think this is a difficult choice. They want to make sure that the Bryant Park show is exciting and diverse.

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