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Leanne is going to create a tiered look for her dress. Later, Kenley asks if anyone has seen a bag of hers from Mood. They haven't. She thinks she may have left it there. She says that she has to move on, so she's going to use drafting paper to add volume to her dress. That's funny. I hate her. I hope this is a disaster. Kenley tells Jerell that she's freaking out. The other designers seem to think it's a little funny too. Jerell interviews that he has extra tulle that he could loan her, but she's a one-trick pony and he's not going to help her in any way. I guess he wants to teach her to move on without tulle as opposed to teaching her not to be an asshole. He tells Korto that she was staring at his tulle and he's not letting her have it. Korto says she has tulle that she won't be using as well. She interviews that she doesn't feel badly for Kenley because she's rude to Heidi and Tim. That's enough to have her executed in my book. Korto adds that when you have a bad attitude, it makes you ugly-- which makes everything you make ugly. That's really effective criticism. Seriously. I'd feel like shit if someone said that to me. Anyway, Korto doesn't feel sorry for Kenley. Jerell says with a giggle that he can't wait to see how this all turns out.

The next day, Jerell meets the girls in their apartment. Kenley isn't speaking to anyone. She's freaking about her tulle. At the workroom, they all get down to business. Kenley asks Jerell if his tulle is for sale and he says that it isn't. Korto hides hers so it isn't even a question. Tim finds out about the problem and tells her that since she purchased the stuff, she can go back to Mood later to retrieve it. He sends in all of the models for a fitting. Korto explains her look to Katarina. All she can really do is explain because there isn't much done yet. She says that she took too much time deciding what to do and now she's behind. Leanne interviews that she is really anxious about this challenge, but she thinks her gown is going to be impressive.

Kenley tells Topacio that she looks sexy in her gown. Jerell thinks the gown looks ridiculous. He calls it a "tube dress of scales." He tells his model that she's doing "that costume thing" and it's "not gonna cut it."

Tim brings in Collier Strong again. He's going to consult about the make-up look for each of their designs and assist them in choosing bold, colorful looks to accompany their dresses. Kenley gets a smoky eye for her look. Leanne gets a delicate eye. Collier uses green on Jerell's girl's eyes and purple on the lips. That one's really dramatic. He loves Korto's colors and uses a glowy gold on Katarina's eyes.

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