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Back in the workroom, Jerell is joking with Korto that she has to make a perfect dress in two minutes. Kenley is shown scowling from the corner with the haunted PR music in the background. She interviews that she's used to being left out and doesn't know why it happens. It couldn't have anything to do with what sort of person other people want to be around, could it? Tim enters and tells Kenley that she can go pick up her stuff from Mood. She leaves and Korto says "Ciao," which Jerell finds funny. I, in turn, find it funny that Jerell finds that funny. He calls Kenley's dress a "purple-zilla costume" once she's out of earshot.

As Kenley's walking to Mood, she says she was raised to be tough. Her father was a tugboat captain and she grew up on boats. She could be as loud and obnoxious on the boats as she wanted to. No one pushed her over the side? Tugboat crews are a more tolerant group that I would have imagined. She says that she imagines the tugboat living has had an effect on her personality. She says she's not afraid of anyone not understanding her-- she wants to get to Bryant Park because her line will be the best. I know it's important to feel that way about your stuff, because you need to project confidence and whatnot, but does she really need to be such a whiny dick all of the time? Is that really what they teach you on tugboats? I don't understand this tugboat culture.

Tim checks on everyone in the workroom. He starts with Korto. He's really worried about the lace that she is using. He thinks it's sleek in the front (where there is no lace) and "Catherine the Great" in the back (lace). She says that she's thinking of using lace as a trim. Tim says that she needs to use the correct amount of critical analysis. Korto says she's worried.

Kenley says that she loves her dress. Tim tells her that he's seeing fish scales, not leaves. She's all "Good, that's what I was going for." I hate when people do that. She can clearly tell that he's not reacting well to the dress. Find out what his problem is. Explain your position. Try to take just a little something from someone else's knowledge, you twit. Tim responds, "Oh, you're OK with that." At this point, Tim's been burnt by her attitude, so I'm not sure he's giving her that much. He reminds her that it's a botanical, not oceanic theme. Actually, it was "nature," right? I guess it's intuitive to assume it would be botanical since that's where they were, but still. Kenley says she loves the dress and Tim just suggests that she work on the bottom of it. She says she was "complimented" when Tim said her dress looked like scales, because that's what she was going for. Here we have a sub-juvenile game of "I know you are, but what am I?" Delightful.

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