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Jerell describes his gown as organic. Tim likes the layering. The longer you look at it, the more you see. He thinks that Jerell needs to work on the finishing, but he thinks he could knock everyone's socks off. Tim doesn't like the back of Leanne's dress. He thinks it looks like Hello, Dolly. Tim says that he's proud of all of them, then he leaves. Leanne cries in her interview saying that she's very stressed out. She has a ton of work left. She says that she has wanted to show at Fashion Week since she was 12. She doesn't want to blow her chance.

The next morning, Jerell is ironing his morning clothes. He says to the camera (and presumably the fruit versions of Joe and Rayon) that he's excited to go home, but also sad. It's the end of something. He 's crying. This is going to be a long day. He interviews that being so close to something that you've wanted for a long time is overwhelming. Also crying. The mannequins are like, "Did I miss something? Did someone's mom die? Suck is up, dressmaker." Korto is reading her bible. She interviews that she can't be sent home today -- she'll have a breakdown. She's crying, in fact, and says she's already breaking down. She says that she has been told "no" so many times in her life. She wants this to be a "yes." In the bathroom, Korto wishes the other two girls luck. Leanne seconds the sentiment. Kenley just says "thank you." Nice.

At Parson's, Jerell jokingly pushes ahead of Kenley to get into the workroom. Leanne takes a deep breath before starting on her dress. Tim enters and reminds everyone that it is their last runway show. They have an hour before the show. Jerell tells Tim that his suit is cut very well as he leaves the runway. It does look nice, which should make the quest to find Tim Gunn's husband, dubbed "Jumpin' the Gunn" by those on the forums, that much easier.

The models enter and everyone starts fitting. Kenley says she doesn't like anything that Korto makes, nay, what any one of the other designers makes. She thinks that Jerell throws a bunch of crap together and it looks like a craft project. She says that Leanne does pleated details with a muted palette. That's been done. Actually, she seems a little bit hesitant to talk shit after she describes what Leanne does. Leanne works with a lot of skill and rigor and you really just can't call her stuff bad. Hair and make-up for the girls. Kenley is really bossy with the make-up guy. Leanne is still putting her dress together. She says that this will not be her best work. Korto screams that she is freaking out.

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