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Here's Kenley's dress. Oh my God. It's a floor-length, sleeveless, high-necked, fitted evening gown. Made of fuchsia snakeskin. Who even knew there were fuchsia snakes? They all died for this? Anyway, so it's floor-length. There's a thin black belt around Topacio's waist. At the knee, the dress flairs. There are little petals (some would say "scales") around the circumference of the bottom. The tulle has been used to create volume. OK, the silhouette is not horrible. Well, it's not great, but it's sleek and very defined. And the dress fits very well. But it's ugly. She says that the gown looks exactly like her picture and she's going to make it to Bryant Park.

After the show, the models return to the stage. Leanne is asked to describe her design. She says she wanted to recreate the structure of the lavender plant. Georgina likes the balance between the structured and soft -- she thinks that the bodice was well done. Nina likes that Leanne tried something soft and feminine, but she has problems with the bodice. Michael thinks that the blue panel of fabric in the back of the dress was distracting. He thinks it looks like it just got thrown back there. Heidi thinks it's a matter of just not having a lot of time.

Korto describes her inspiration. Michael says that it's made beautifully and is very flattering on Katarina. Korto is already waiting for bad news though, and here it comes. He thinks it looks like a beauty pageant dress. It's not sophisticated. Heidi thinks it's a pageant dress too. Someone fashion forward would not wear this dress. Korto starts crying. Dear Jesus. This episode is very cry-heavy. Georgina thinks that it was a bad fabric choice. Nina thinks it's gilded and overworked and not sophisticated. She thinks there's not much of Korto in the dress. Korto sobs that the dress is her -- it's classic. Er, that's a stretch. Nina gently tells her that she went overboard and threw a lot of elements into the dress.

Jerell explains his rose inspiration. Heidi loves the top but wants to pull it up, because it doesn't fit great. Nina says it's the most youthful, but there are a lot of technical problems. Michael says that the dress is "off" in an interesting way, but then it's all "hack and sew" at the bottom. He says that he would have done better with more time and Georgina asks him what he would have done with more time. He says he would have lined the taffeta and connected the layers to emphasize the billowing effect. Michael reminds him that he often has problems with messy construction and it worries him.

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