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Radiant Orchid

The models come in and I wonder what they've been doing all day. Did they get tours or were they frantically shooting crossover-episode videos? Carli brings shoes to show Korto and already has plans for hair and makeup. Jarmaine wants her outfit tighter, but Viktor is concerned about turning her into a sausage. Dulce seems a lot smaller than Elena was expecting her to be, so there's a lot of space between her and the garment. Fleur comments to Christopher that she's never seen olive-green lace before. Seth Aaron is very confident that he can tailor his dress to perfectly fit Gigi.

The models leave again to go to whatever they're up to. Viktor decides to start over with one hour left in the day. People have been doing that a lot this season haven't they? He's making a dress out of neoprene and warns everyone that his blogger will be doing some gluing tomorrow. He's gluing squares of radiant orchid to the inside of the dress so they show through some holes, and he claims that the trend for 2014 will be "creating your own textile." Seems like a stretch.

The day ends and the next one begins. Just like Regular Project Runway, everything is a one-day challenge. Viktor's now doing a strapless '50s-style dress. Christopher is very confident in how little he has left to do. Dulce's jacket fits better now, although I don't think it works with the black skirt underneath. Korto has a lot left to do, and she's working on not letting people know that she's freaking out. In my non-professional opinion, Viktor's dress is maybe a little too heavy on the cleavage. And when the jacket is added, it covers up the little specks of radiant orchid that were peeping through. Christopher thinks the jacket doesn't go with the dress at all.

Hair and makeup is probably pretty neat for the bloggers, since they know a lot about this sort of nonsense, and they'll be interested in the various products and techniques used by professionals. So naturally, this is the shortest hair-and-makeup segment yet.

Viktor's zipper breaks and Elena fixes it for him because she's the "zipper queen." On a show like this, I don't mind when people help each other out. It's not like The Amazing Race; it's more like Face Off, where it's just taken for granted that everyone will pitch in on the more complicated steps. Man, I like Face Off. That's not strictly relevant to this show. I just thought I'd mention it.

Alyssa welcomes everyone back to the runway to do the usual recap of the challenge. I actually like this week's challenge, because "predict a trend" is something designers have to do in the real world, and "include this weird color" is a cool wrinkle. The fashion bloggers haven't gotten to do much, though. And now, the judges! Georgina Chapman is out again. In her place is Christian Siriano, who's a million times better than any of these alleged All-Stars. Isaac Mizrahi is here, though. And Nina Garcia has, indeed, stuck around because she likes judging people. And there's Francisco Costa from Calvin Klein.

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