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Radiant Orchid

Alyssa breaks the tension by shooing the designers and model-bloggers away. The designers go to the back room, and Christopher complains about how mean Nina is. Out front, Nina likes Korto's decisions. Alyssa says that Korto has been putting out a lot of "wearable, beautiful things." Elena's texture draws raves, although Nina says, "The jacket is carrying the girl. The girl. Is not wearing. The jacket." Alyssa loves her and asks her to stay forever, but Nina has her brand to think of and will be appearing only on the mothership. Don't kid yourself, Alyssa. Nina is so bored by Seth Aaron's dress, and Isaac and Christian agree that he's capable of much more. Nina says that Christopher ordinarily creates lightness, but he did the opposite this time. Christian muses, "It's a limited woman that wants to wear an overly embellished piece." Alyssa thinks the radiant orchid clutch was a cop-out.

The designers come back out for the results. Alyssa says that there's "one clear winner," and she makes Nina say it. Korto wins! She's doing quite well. Seth Aaron is safe. Elena is also safe. That leaves Viktor and Christopher. And the loser is… Viktor. Sorry, Viktor. He takes it well, although everyone is sad for him. He leaves as he came, ostentatiously waving his fan in the air.

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