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Anya comes into the bathroom and asks Becky if she can talk to her or if she would prefer that she leave. I mean, come on! Is she perfect or what? Honestly, I feel like she's really making a case for the pageant world and the skills that you maybe learn there. Confidence and empathy are a difficult combination to obtain and I can see how the Miss Universe world could teach you both of those things. Is that crazy? Josh enters and says that he did not mean for his statements to come off the way they did. Sometimes his mouth is going before his head registers what it is saying. Becky just sort of nods. She interviews that there is a lot of cliquey behavior amongst the designers and she has been made to feel as if everyone thinks that she's not fresh and edgy enough. She hasn't had a voice in this challenge and she's frustrated by that. Becky is recovering and Anya gives her a hug. Josh decides that it will be a group hug and he has to comment on how gross girly part cleaning items are, as he's standing in a fucking ladies' room. He interviews that he means his apology and hopes that Becky accepts it...but now it's time to sew. I do seriously think that he's a pretty shitty person.

It's time for a model-fitting! Olivier loves his long skirt when his model is wearing it. Bert shows his look and Laura is worried that the skirt is a problem. He's not having any of it. Anthony says that, if there's a problem on the runway and Bert's look is in question, he won't be "throwing him under the bus" if he mentions that he didn't like Bert's look to begin with. Bert interviews that he's not going to make something contrived and Midwest like Laura and Anthony. Laura tells Anthony that she can't go home over this challenge and he says that Bert is the one who is going home if shit goes wrong.

Everybody starts sewing like mad. Danielle says that the extra time is kind of a curse because it raises expectations. Josh M. decides that they will add a vertical red strip to the front of the maxi-dress. Everybody is exhausted, but they make it to the end of the day.

The next day, they're up and at 'em. Anthony says that he doesn't feel well and is running a fever. That makes me a little nervous. Right? He thinks the design of his look is a mess. Kimberly is contemplating making a new suede skirt on the fly. Tim comes in and starts the two-hour countdown to the runway.

The fittings begin. And, ah, this thing happens. Bert is on a sewing machine and Josh M. asks him if he's going to be on it for long. He says that he did not see Josh M.'s name on that particular machine. Problem solved! No. Josh picks up something that was at that station -- his own thread or something -- and walks away saying that Bert has no courtesy. Bert's barking back about how Josh thinks everything is about him. Neither are wrong, both are jerks. Bert tells him to drop dead and Josh replies that Bert is closer to death than he is. Bert finishes by saying that death might be a relief with Josh around. Just pure tension. This has to be really punishing for everyone to witness. Bert interviews that he believes Josh tries to intimidate people with his brashness, but he is not intimidated. In fact, he's embarrassed for Josh. He calls him a "self-centered prick" under his breath.

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