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So, hair and makeup happens. I'd like to talk a little more about that hot daddy who's running the makeup room these days. I don't know how any of these people can get a thought out with him around. Muy Caliente! El Toro Loco! I don't know Spanish. Bert really doesn't like having to learn anything. The poor hair guy is suggesting that Bert wants texture on his girl's head and he really abruptly demands, "When you say texture, what do you mean?" It's not like he's slapping people or anything but he's clearly really uncomfortable not knowing stuff.

Tim starts calling everyone to the runway. He comments on Viktor's jacket, saying it's very cute. Laura is sewing until the last minute. She feels like her fate is out of her hands. It always sort of is. Learn that now.

And, here we are on the runway. Heidi comes onstage to greet the designers. She's wearing this strapless, sparkly jumpsuit and...sneakers, I believe? I can't really see them but she sort of gestures to them at one point. Anyway, she welcomes Josh C. back to the runway. He says that he's thrilled to be there. Heidi then introduces the judges, including Erin Wasson, who I know as a model but apparently is also a designer now. Aren't we all? And, the show begins.

First up is Team Viktor and leading is Viktor's look. It's a short gray dress that's crinkly and cinched at the waist. It's really cute and I could actually see someone rocking the heck out of that with some sneakers. It's topped with this three-quarter sleeved motorcycle jacket that looks super expensive. Viktor is very happy with it. Anya whispers to Becky that the jacket is crazy and Becky agrees that it's awesome. Next up is Josh's look. It's pencil slacks with an off-center v-neck t-shirt. He has added these straps to the shoulder that give it a sort of Matrix look, though surprisingly comfortable. Altogether a nice showing for his return to the competition! Olivier presents his long skirt with a sleeveless top and I don't think it looks bad. Though there's no color anywhere, this is a cohesive collection and all the pieces belong together and on a very Chekovian and severe woman.

Here's Team Bryce. Bryce's look is first and he made this sleek little minidress with a boat neck and no sleeves. He says it's his favorite of his team. Next is a pair of shorts and a tank with a neat little jacket on top. The jacket is the only thing that remained after Heidi's consultation. Then, Danielle's look is a green chiffon Henley over a high-waisted skirt. Not really cool at all. However, she notes that she contributed a lot to her team as a whole.

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