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Oh my God. Anthony's look is next and it is a disaster! It's a satin romper and it seriously looks like she was just wrapped in a sheet. I can't even really see a single design element good or bad save for this patch of gray on her shoulder. This is bad news. What happened? He feels like he didn't stick with his gut. How fucking quiet your gut must have been to let you turn away from it and make THAT. Laura made a bland skirt and top with this sleeveless vest over it. The vest is cool, but the rest is blah and she knows it. I'm still not exactly sure where they fucked this all up. I think they let the consultation with Heidi influence them too much. Bert made an off-the-shoulder shirt and top that seems completely wrong with sneakers. That said, it's well made, which is not really something you can say about the other garments in his team. He thinks it looks amazingly fresh and young and that's just stupid. Other than the length of the skirt, this is totes mother of the bride. Somebody whispers that she looks like she's on the way to work and didn't want to wear heels, which is frankly what this whole challenge looks like to me. Seriously though, I have to return to Anthony's look for a second. Wow. It's so bad. The model looks like she's being dragged down the runway.

Here is Team Joshua. Josh made a tank and shorts and this fringe vest thing. It's OK, but more basic without the twist. He, of course, is talking it up. Here's that dress of Josh's with a new camisole top. The top doesn't look quite right, though the neckline is kind of charming. People chose some jacked prints for this challenge, right? I don't find a single good quality in most of them. That weird bottom-of-the-swimming-pool print on Anthony's team? What were they thinking? Here's the maxi-dress. It's simply made but I think it's a pretty fresh idea. I can totally see a cute girl like Anya rocking this and some sneakers and no bra and still being the hottest girl at the dry cleaner. Anya feels like the design needs to be tweaked to make it more like sportswear, so she's feeling a little anxiety. However, she does think the dress is something that people would wear.

Everyone's onstage. Heidi says that the show was all over the place. Every team had high and low points, so there's no winning team. Everyone gets judged. Teams Viktor and Bryce get to leave while the first two teams are questioned. Anthony describes the looks on his team, admitting that he didn't like his own look very much. He says that Bert didn't want to work with them, but Bert disagrees. Anthony says that he doesn't like Bert's look because it looks like a cocktail waitress and he expressed that to Bert. Bert stubbornly stands by the idea that it was everybody else's fault. I really don't like him now. Seriously, Anthony looks like he's about to collapse and that dude is just trying to stab him. Anthony calls Bert on a "fucking lie" and Bert just plays a "I know you are, but what am I?" That's becoming quite the theme this season, isn't it? So, I hate Bert. Wasted a lot of time trying to defend him before. Joe R., YOU WERE RIGHT. Finally, the judges suggest that Anthony should have spent more time worrying about his own look than about Bert's. Yes. This is true. Nina thinks it looks like pajamas. Michael says that he achieved baggy and tight at the same time. They're droopy, yet with camel toe. This makes Bert laugh, while standing right next to Anthony. This guy is such an asshole. Anthony was never rude to him. They didn't see eye to eye, but Anthony was never rude to him. When the model turns around, Bert says that she has "camel butt" too. Now, who ever heard of a damn camel butt? This guy needs to shut his mouth. When they criticize Laura's top, Bert clenches his fists in glee. I just don't understand this fucker. They say that Bert's is the only decent look onstage, though it's also wrong for the challenge. Anthony says that he just got caught up trying to work with everyone. Bert mumbles something about not needing their kind of help. I have so many nasty things that I would say if I were Laura but she is SUCH bigger person than me and just lets it all slide.

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