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Bert is in. Laura is in. Kimberly is in. Bryce is in. That leaves Danielle and Anthony. This is sad. I like both of them. Heidi says that it was not an easy decision, nor was it unanimous. She says that Danielle was boring and Anthony completely fell apart. Anthony He starts crying. Heidi says that, were it up to her, he would be out. He hugs Danielle before he leaves. Backstage, Laura hugs him. Danielle gets her kisses and leaves. She says that she's sad to leave the designers and the competition. Bryce hugs her and says he's sorry. Tim comes in and says that he's proud of everyone for telling the truth on the runway. Danielle tells everyone it was an honor to work with them and she'll miss them. She says she has no regrets and she doesn't think that her look was the worst on the runway.

Jeff Long is a performer/writer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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