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Josh chooses first and goes with Anya. Bryce chooses Kimberly. She does a moderately effective grounded Herkie and Heidi acts like she's a freaking daredevil. Anthony chooses Laura. Those two are a great team. She's thrilled. Viktor chooses Olivier because he says he's an "Olivier Fan." Olivier says that he would have liked to have been a team captain but instead has to "feel like a bitch." His Columbus is coming out. That talk don't fly in Milan.

Bert says to Becky and Danielle that this feels like volleyball in junior high -- the last to be chosen. Danielle is pretending that she doesn't hear him. Josh chooses Becky. Bryce chooses Danielle. Which means that Anthony gets Bert. Nobody's happy. Anthony notes that Bert is stubborn and childish. You know, I think he has some reason to have hurt feelings, but this is not an unfair assessment. Viktor was a bit of a dick to Bert though, and Anthony is a pretty nice guy (Southern boys unite!), so this could all be fine. Anthony says it could be a complete disaster. Heidi explains to Viktor that, since it's early in the competition and Cecilia dropped out, he can choose anyone who has been eliminated up to this point. Choose Cecilia! Wait. That person will be in the competition again. Everyone starts saying Josh C. (ugh, this means I'm going to have to put C.'s and M.'s behind all the damn Joshes again. Why?) and Viktor's all "Shhhhhhh!" Then, he chooses Josh C. I'm kind of excited about that. Viktor says that Josh C. still wants to learn new things, so he thinks he deserves a second chance. Heidi says that he will be back later in the day.

Then, Heidi tells us about how she's a big bad designer for some New Balance now. Their challenge will be for each team to create three looks for Heidi's New Balance sneakers. She says that it doesn't have to just be work-out clothes. It can be a dress. Or a suit? They should think "basic with a twist." Also, they have to use materials that are used in her sneakers -- denim and suede. Ew. Is this the Reba challenge? Not that I wouldn't love that, but this is a no. The winning look will be manufactured and sold exclusively on, everyone's first stop for fashion. It will be part of Heidi's New Balance line. I'm impressed again with how hard a business fashion is when I see how excited everyone gets. Designing some pretty clothes is one thing -- getting them made and available to the public is maybe the hardest part. Anya reminds us that they're all here to make something that sells and having that opportunity now is almost impossible for her to wrap her head around.

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