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Anthony and Laura are sitting hip to hip, while Bert is off to the side. Bert proposes a dress and Laura doesn't seem to dig it. He proposes another dress and says it could be worn with pantyhose and Laura nixes that, because of the shoe. So, Bert is done. He says that they are working as a team and he's a tag-on. We've all been in a situation where other people in a group connect more than we do to them. GET OVER IT. Let's think big picture here, Bert.

It's time for everyone to get into their street clothes before heading for Mood. Once there, shopping commences. Josh M. tells Becky that he doesn't want to get too sporty with the fabric. She interviews that Josh is the team leader and she will do what she can, even though her ideas keep getting vetoed. See, that's a better attitude. He's not buying your muffins. Who cares? Someone else will. Josh ends up choosing fabrics with Anya. Becky isn't even there. You know, he's the leader and that's ultimately fine, but I get the sense that he's going out of his way to be a little brutal to Becky. There are ways to do this stuff without hurting anyone's feelings. He's either behaving this way for the cameras or he's just a dick. Viktor feels that it's an advantage that it's just him and Olivier at this point. Laura and Anthony find a fabric that they like and Bert is not into it. But, they at least made him a part of the selection. He pouts about how he's being forced to work with this fabric. This close to being so completely over him. Tim barks about time running out and says sadly, to no one in particular, "I'm such a nag." We never found love for Tim Gunn, did we?

At the workroom, Tim reminds the designers that they have to use denim and suede in their looks, though it doesn't have to dominate them. Then, he tells them that they have until 11 PM to work, though it's already almost 3:30 PM. Kimberly asks what's wrong with midnight. Tim just replies that they should have fun with this. "It's Heidi's challenge!" I'm not sure if that means it should be fun or if he's saying they should be like, "Fuck it, it's Heidi's challenge."

The groups begin to work and right off the bat, Josh M. is breathing down Becky's neck about how there will be no ruching. She's just thinking, Joan. Sorry, he's completely Mommie Dearest with the no ruching and the eyebrows. Bryce and Danielle are looking over her design and he offers some advice, adding that he just wants her to be successful. He interviews that he and Danielle really want to make it far in the competition. They're frustrated about being the underdogs and I think it's so interesting how that happens. It's like a metaphor for what happens to people in schools when they're perceived as troublemakers or something, so they eventually start fulfilling the perception. I feel like, especially with Danielle, she came into the competition with a lot of promise and stumbled a little bit and now she's thought of as a fuck-up and she's really not that. But, I'm not sure that she will be able to overcome that perception. She too is worried about what she and Bryce will be able to present.

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