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Then, Tim brings Josh C. back! This is so exciting! He's completely ecstatic and smiling and laughing. It's so sweet. He says that every day that he has been gone he has thought that he would move heaven and earth to be back in the competition, huh, and all he needed to do was make Cecilia lose her mind. Laura says that Josh C. is a really good person and deserves this rare second chance. This is fun. I'm glad for him. After quick hugs, everybody gets back to work.

Without Becky's input, Josh M. and Anya discuss making her romper a maxi dress. Her feelings are hurt. That said, Anya's got some style. She describes a maxi dress and sneakers as the ultimate I'm-going-to-the-market-but-I-still-look-hot look. Becky tries to speak up and volunteer to make a bag, but Josh M. just shushes her and sends her back to the basement. Seriously, this guy's a prick. He interviews that he needs her to be sewing and finishing his garments, not having ideas.

Kimberly has made this sheath-like item that Bryce says looks like a lambskin condom. He is not incorrect. Viktor, who I think looks pretty adorable in his striped tee, red shorts and boat shoes, tells Olivier that his long skirt is going to be a problem with the judges. They're going to say Amish. He just knows they're going to say Amish. I mean, that's what they usually say about long skirts. That or some prairie bullshit. Josh C. says that Viktor is doing an awesome job as team captain.

Then, there's Bert. Anthony says that a team leader has to keep the peace and it's hard to do that with Bert. We see Laura ask him what he thinks about his design and he just says that he doesn't like it very much. He's just being shitty. Then, we see him cursing under his breath while he's at a dress form. Something about blankety-blank hardball blank. I don't know. I think we've got a dry drunk on our hands. The rage in this guy. I mean, he fell off the face of the earth decades ago, so he can't feel super-entitled, can he? I mean, he knows how fleeting success is. So, it just sounds like he's this crazy rageball to me. Then, he asks Laura a question about "Andy" when he's talking about Anthony. He interviews that he only learns a few names because he doesn't find the other designers important. Also known as early onset dementia, but I respect the attempt at saving face. This guy should know better and I'm officially off his team. I don't think he really threw the first punches in this whole World vs. Bert match, but I definitely feel he has done the most to make it horrible and hurtful.

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